Monday, December 20, 2010

Cybersex den owners get life

SAN FERNANDO, La Union– An American and his Filipino wife were sentenced to life imprisonment for operating a cybersex den here in 2004 and employing minors to pose naked before foreign customers.

Judge Victor Concepcion of the Regional Trial Court Branch 66 also ordered the convicts, Clifford Hackett of Colorado, USA, and his Filipina wife, Jacquiline Tendencia-Hackett, to pay a fine of P2 million.

The couple and three of their female employees, two of them minors, were caught during a police raid on Nov. 22, 2004 in a rented house at the Country Homes in Barangay Catbangen here where they operated the cybersex den.


  1. Not true. Frameup by police (hackett refused to pay extortion)and disgruntled girls who had been banned from the internet cafe because they used adult sites.The police also killed the girls who refuse to lie against hackett, except the ones who escaped into hiding. The search warrant had the wrong address, hackett was not there in the raid, there is proof in case documents, the judges lied and the police lied, this could go on and on, but I think it is all obvious enough. And even if the charges were true, life sentence for someone useing your computer when you are not even there?

  2. You just can see how corrupt really the government of the Philippines be it the authorities, the lawmakers equals to lawbreakers and then to killers and this so called Life-imprisonment is just so exagerated wherein too much, too many serious crime like MURDERERS who are free roaming around or those who commited MASSACRE to innocents are just having a LUXUS holiday in the prison cell and being treated like KINGS. Too much O.A. in the P.I. Better help and change the ECONOMY which is more very useful for the fILIPINO PEOPLE, the 90% of population UNEMPLOYED AND POOR!!!

  3. It will never change. At least leave a know some people are free. Hacketts