Dagupan City ‘Miracle Doctor’ cures cancer

>> Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DAGUPAN CITY, Pangasinan — A physician in this city is fast gaining reputation as “miracle doctor” after known citizens, including a school principal diagnosed with “stage 3” lung cancer, have been coming out to attest to the success of his unique treatment methods.

Jose Camacho de Vera , 47, principal of Mary Help of Christian Catholic School in Basista, Pangasinan is a firm believer in the healing expertise of Dr. Robin Navarro.

The school principal was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and spitting blood when Navarro’s began administering his Rapid Cellular Balancing (RCB) treatment.

De Vera said it only took this stem cell enhancer treatment, medication, and food diet for his health condition to improve drastically.

“I felt I was a hopeless case. I vomited blood and lost appetite for food,” said De Vera, as he recalled how his physical condition deteriorated between October 2010, when he was diagnosed with cancer, until his chemotherapy treatments run, from November to December of the same year.
“It was difficult to undergo chemotherapy. It was not only expensive but taxing on the body. I hardly saw any improvement. It was a last resort that I opted to seek help from Dr. Navarro upon the advice of a friend,” said De Vera.
At that time, he was very skinny and could no longer report for work.
In April 2011, De Vera decided to visit Dr. Navarro, and try his unorthodox health regimen – which meant taking RCB and following it up with a dietary and lifestyle change.
“I had to eat a lot of eggs, milk, and honey. That was his advice,” recalls De Vera.
De Vera said that four months later, he had gained 10 kilos and felt stronger.
It was August 4, 2011 when he decided to undergo the regular tests in the hospital and he was surprised that his tumor had disappeared.
“It was gone. The tumor was gone and I cried, thanking God and Doctor Robin. My life was given an extension,” said De Vera.
Since then, De Vera has been back to his regular duties at the Mary Help of Christian Catholic School. He showed this reporter his doctor’s certificate which read: “Fit to work.”
In an interview, Dr. Navarro said his “miracle cures” are due to his own formula called Rapid Cellular Balancing, which he said “can cure major disease even at their advanced stages.”
Dr. Navarro advised his patient to stick what he called “biblical nutrition you keep you safe and out of trouble” referring to meals consisting of ruminant meat and fish with fins and scales, which appears in Leviticus of the Old Testament.
He has shown several successful cases involving well known personalities here and abroad, but begged off to keep their identities confidential for ethical reasons.
Even children with autoimmune diseases and other rare diseases which are not responding to the conventional treatment are cured from their illness in 1-3 months time.

Joyce Po of Block 10, Lot 2, Olips Villeiza Gulod Malaya, San Mateo, Rizal was 10 years old when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had been under the care of a special children’s diseases unit at a noted Medical Center in Metro Manila for two years.
Her parents had spent an enormous sum of money running to millions just to find her a cure, but to no avail.
Like De Vera, Joyce’s parents were hopeless until their doctor recommended them to visit Dr. Navarro.
Dr. Navarro recalled how Joyce “suffered from severe headaches, nosebleeding, abdominal pain, nausea, seizures, poor memory, weakened resistance, and abnormal gait.”
But with his treatment, it only took one week for Joyce to experience improvement; and in a month’s time she felt she had been cured. She did not experience any seizures and had been leading a normal life since then.
Navarro, 66, is a graduate of medicine at the Far Eastern University. He has a doctorate degree at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England and has for 20 years recorded hundreds of successful cases including cancer, advance stages of diabetes, cardio vascular, kidney ailments, asthma and other severe ailments.
A Caviteño who married a local girl in Barangay Malued here, Dr. Navarro has a clinic at Sony Building on Arellano Street, this city and at the Cityland Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.
His wellness approach has “shocked” conventional physicians because it recommends the consumption of six eggs a day, regular meals of bulalo and cholesterol- rich foods, adding “we should have a new attitude towards cholesterol.”
Armed with statistics from modern medical journals and latest medical findings, Navarro said his method was introduced by Dr. Wilhem Heinrich Schuessler, M.D., of Oldenburg, Germany who had researched on the many uses of minerals in the human body.
“It is the safest, fast and natural approach in normalizing patients suffering from asthma, allergy, neuropathies, neuritis, arthritis, myopathies, cancer, stroke, heart disease, and others,” he said.
A regular resource speaker at many symposia in many parts of the country including medical workshops at Club Filipino, Dr. Navarro said he was inspired by the studies made by Nobel Prize awardee, Dr. Otto Warbung, on celllular nutrition.
He said his methods are mostly nature-based with extensive use of minerals like calcium,magnessium,potassium, sulfur, zinc, manganese, copper, iron acting as co factors plus co enzymes, antioxidants and enzymes to promote cellular respiration.


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