Satellite registration for indigenous people set

>> Saturday, September 21, 2019


To ensure that more indigenous people can vote in the May 2020 barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) polls, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will hold special satellite registration from Sept. 16 to 20.
Comelec Commissioner Luie Guia said an IP Registration Week would be conducted across the country.
“The project aims to intensify registration efforts within various IP communities all over the country to highlight the importance of IP voters as members of the electorate and to increase awareness on electoral issues and concerns of IP communities,” Guia said.
The Comelec said it would hold at least one satellite registration in provinces with identified IP communities.
The Comelec provincial and regional offices are finalizing the areas where satellite registrations will be conducted.
Guia said those interested to conduct satellite registrations for IP communities should coordinate with the offices of the election officer or provincial election supervisor in their area.
There are around 100,000 IPs registered as voters as of last February.
The Comelec resumed continuing voter registration on Aug.1, which will run for two months inclusive of Saturdays and holidays.
Approximately two million new voters are expected to register during the period. Be guided accordingly.


Eternally Secured (Part five)


Jun Malazo

In the last article we concluded with the truth that works is the evidence of salvation not the prerequisite thereof.  We discussed an often misunderstood and misused passage of Scripture found in James chapter 2.  A thorough study of this Scriptural passage debunks any teaching that supports any works-based salvation.  It also reveals that this passage is not teaching that performing good works maintains our salvation.
In the last of this five-part series on the subject of eternal security, I will explain other passages that have been used to support such heresy.  There are a myriad of other passages that we could discuss causing this series to continue on for months; however, for the sake of variety we will have to move on to other topics.  I welcome any comments or questions regarding this critical issue from anyone.  Please feel free to contact me via our church office by text (0956.755.4363 ) or by email ( 
First, let me reiterate that all those that have placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation are kept by Gods power and are secured in Christ for eternity (see John 6:37-40; John 10:27-29; 1 Corinthians 1:8, Romans 8:35, and 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10).  The promise of eternal life is a clear teaching in the Scriptures.  The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 1:5 that those who believe Christ are “kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."  
Revelations 22:19 has been used many times to support the teaching that believers can lose their salvation.  It reads:
"And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."  (Revelation 22:19)
In all honesty, this passage is not an easy one to expound as it does require more careful thought and deeper study. The fact of the matter is that there are many things in the Bible that we cannot fully understand.  We are not responsible to fully understand or explain these matters, but we are to believe and obey them.  This passage has also been a topic of passionate debate among scholars regarding its true meaning.  One thing for sure is that it does not teach that a Christian can lose his salvation. 
To arrive at this conclusion would contradict numerous passages of Scripture which promise eternal life and blessing to the believer.  We have to look at the Bible as a whole and not allow obscure passages like these to form a doctrine.
It is important to point out whom the Apostle John is addressing.  Is he addressing Christians and warning them that their names will be taken away from the book of life?  Or is he addressing non-believers and warning them about the sin of tampering with the Word of God?  I have reason to believe that it is the latter.  The previous verse says the following:
"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:"  (Revelation 22:18)
There is an obvious connection between verse 18 and verse 19 that it warns all men.  Verse 18 tells us these men are the ones that “heareth the words of the prophecy of this book.”  Please notice that it says nothing about men that are already believers.  To put it into today’s vernacular, John is saying that any man after hearing “the words of prophecy” and responds by adding to or subtracting from it will face judgment and damnation.
But what about the phrase in verse 19 that says, “…God shall take away his part in the book of life…”?  It is true that once someone places their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, his or her name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  Some scholars argue that since it is God’s will for every human being in the entire world to be saved (2 Peter 3:9, John 3:16, 1 John 2:2, Romans 10:13, etc.), there is therefore a space in the Book for everyone’s name.  This empty space sits awaiting the time the person will choose to accept Christ, and He can write their name in that space reserved for them.  Notice also that Revelations 22:19 does not imply that these are names that are already written in the Book of Life.  It only says that “his part” will be taken away.
To conclude this thought, Revelations 3:5 speaks of a true believer of whom Jesus says He will not “blot out his name out of the book of life.” 
Another passage I would like to discuss are the following verses in the book of Hebrews which read:
"For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. He that despised Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?"  (Hebrews 10:26-29)
Does this passage teach that a believer can lose his salvation if he “willfully sin”?  First of all, Christians do sin even after they are saved.  The Bible forewarns us so (1 John 1:8-10, 2:1-2). The willful sin referred to in verse 26 is not sin in general.  It is a particular sin that is described in the latter part of verse 29 which says, “…hath counted the blood of the covenant an unholy thing…”  This means to deny that salvation is by Christ’s blood and grace alone.  Anyone who rejects the redemptive plan of salvation through Jesus Christ alone cannot be saved. 
As we conclude this topic of eternal security, I would like to turn our attention to a particular verse found in Hebrews 10:14.  It says, "For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified."  The "offering” that the writer of Hebrews is talking about is the ultimate offering that Jesus made at the cross to pay for our sins.  This ultimate sacrifice “hath perfected” those that receive Christ “for ever.”  During His earthly ministry, Jesus believed and taught eternal security.  Notice what He says in John 6:40:
"And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day.  And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day" (John 6:39-40).
The promise of eternal security does not depend on our own merit of good works.  The Scripture plainly teaches that it is Jesus that “…should lose nothing…”  Eternal security is based upon His power and promise to the believer.  Nothing in this world, physical or spiritual, “shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord,” according to the Apostle Paul (Romans 8:39).
The Apostle Peter also talks about eternal security:
"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."  (1 Peter 1:3-5)
He says that we are “kept by the power of God.”  The word kept in this verse has a very interesting meaning.  The Apostle Peter used the same word for a Roman garrison. Rome conquered Jerusalem in 63 BC and was the dominant force in the region.  Whenever a city was conquered by Rome, the Romans would set up a military outpost called a garrison to show off their power and might and to invoke fear, in order to prevent an uprising among the citizens of the conquered city.  A garrison could have up to 5,000 soldiers.  In the same manner, Peter is saying that our eternal security is well guarded, not by men, but by the power of God.
Jesus gives us hope that He gives us eternal life.  In His very own Words, He said,  "And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand” (John 10:28).
In closing, my prayer is for you to realize that you can do nothing to earn eternal life; likewise you can do nothing to lose eternal life if you are already a believer.  I pray that the truth outlined in this series of articles will open your eyes to the truth.  As mentioned before, I am open and willing to answer straight from the Word of God any questions you may have.


CPLA persona non grata in Baguio but hold parade

Alfred P. Dizon

BAGUIO CITY – As government officials in the Cordillera Administrative Region commemorated the signing of a peace agreement between the national government under former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino and the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army (CPLA) led by former rebel priest Conrado “Ka Ambo” Balweg in 1986, the event was criticized by militant groups here and in the region.   
Malacañang issued Proclamation 802 declaring Sept. 13, 2019 as special non-working holiday in the CAR in commemoration of the 1986 "sipat", an indigenous practice which is preliminary to the forging of a peace pact among the Cordillera tribes.
                The “Sipat”, which means peace agreement in the local dialect, was done between Aquino and the New People’s Army breakaway group CPLA.
                It involved the exchange of tokens -- a bible, a rifle, and a rosary from Aquino to Balweg. Cory received a spear, shield, bolo and a head ax from Balweg on September 13, 1986 at Mount Data Hotel in Bauko, Mountain Province.
                Sipat" started the process to end the hostilities with Balweg’s group heeding the call for peace in the entire country.
                According to government officials, the 1986 Mount Data Sipat agreement is the first peace agreement successfully entered into by the national government during Aquino's administration.
It allowed both sides to begin negotiating peace.
                It led to the issuance of Executive Order No. 220 on July 15, 1987, which created the CAR. 
Last Friday, the so-called CPLA held a parade in Baguio City.
We won’t comment on this and just let pundits have their piece in their own words. Anyway, we are supposed to be living in a democratic society in this Banana Republic beset by almost daily media exposes on government corruption. 
Here is a statement issued by the militant Tongtongan Ti Umili and Cordillera Peoples Alliance on the matter: 
On 'Sipat' anniversary: The CPLA has no business in Baguio
Tongtongan ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance strongly condemns the presence of the paramilitary Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army (CPLA) as they mark the anniversary of the sham Mount Data Peace Accord. 
As per a 1999 Baguio City Council resolution, the Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army (CPLA) is declared persona non grata in the City of Baguio.
They are not allowed to set foot in the City more so hold a grandiose parade and “celebrate” the Mt. Data Accord which transformed CPLA into a government-sponsored vigilante group. Instead, the CPLA should be evicted out of Baguio and be held liable for the crimes they committed against the people of the Cordillera.
With its long track record of crimes against the people, the CPLA has long proven itself to be an already irrelevant force. It should be recalled that the CPLA has long been involved in land disputes in the city, taking advantage of the urban poor while serving as an illegal security force for syndicates and land grabbers. 
It should also be recalled that the CPLA was also involved in the extrajudicial killings of mass leaders and activists in the Cordillera.
This includes Ama Daniel Ngayaan and Romy Gardo back in 1987. The group's sham 'sipat' with the then Corazon Aquino administration only lashed out a spate of human rights violations to a people still reeling from the Marcos dictatorship.
The city officials of Baguio should then not let its name be tainted with the gross history of crimes against the people by the CPLA.
Today, in their foolish show of force, we call for the disarming and dismantling of the paramilitary CPLA. In a time where attacks against the people are coming at all fronts, vigilantes like the CPLA should not be anything close to empowered especially under the Duterte regime’s Executive Order 70 institutionalizing the 'whole-of-nation approach' and the bogus National Peace Framework. 
History holds that the CPLA never brought peace, and only sowed discord and terror in the region. The people shall never let criminals and scalawags like them be coddled by the government again.


NIA: Chico River pump irrigation proj 28% done

PINUKPUK, Kalinga -- The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Region 2 reported a 28.36 percent accomplishment on the implementation of the Chico River Irrigation Pump Project (CRIPP) as of August  5.
 Roland Apaga of NIA Region 2 and CRIPP Project Manager, in his project briefing at Pinococ Barangay Hall this municipality on August 28, said the progress is 1.68% ahead of overall schedule against target of 26.68%.
Project major components are the construction of pump house and appurtenances, installation of 6 units electric motor-driven pumps with an individual capacity of 3,000 liters per second; installation of 30 kilometers transmission line and a sub-station; construction of two  units diversion main canal tunnel; construction of 8 kilometers access roads; construction of project management office, and institutional development.
Ground breaking of the project was held on June 8, 2018 and project duration is three years to expire on September 6, 2021.
The project  when completed completion will irrigate 8,700 hectares – 7,150 in Tuao  and 380  hectares in Piat, Cagayan  and  1,170 hectares  in this municipality.  It covers 20 barangays and would benefit 4,350 farmers.
The CRIPP is a flagship infrastructure project financed by China under the Duterte administration’s “Build Build Build” program with a total project cost of Php 4.372 billion wherein Php 3.135 billion is a loan grant from the People’s Republic of China thru China Export Import Bank.
The briefing was part of the site validation of the joint Regional Project Monitoring Committees (RPMCs) of the Cordillera Administrative Region and Cagayan Valley region attended also by local officials and beneficiaries.  This was followed by   joint RPMC meeting at Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. (JDP/PAB-PIA CAR, Kalinga)


Ilocos Norte, NTA partner to boost tobacco industry

By Edison Justin B. Deus

LAOAG CITY -- To increase productivity and income of tobacco growers , the Ilocos Norte provincial government and National Tobacco Administration held multisectoral meeting-workshop on tobacco contract growing system at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session Hall last Sept. 4 to boost the tobacco industry.
Facilitated by officials from the national and provincial offices of the NTA, participants include municipal mayors, municipal agriculture officers, representatives from buyer firms, and other stakeholders of the agriculture sector.
According to NTA’s data, last year, the province planted in more than 2,000 hectares of land and yielded 2.89 million kilos of tobacco.
“I would like to encourage everyone to push our farmers to plant more tobaccos. If they (farmers) move to [planting] tobacco, we can support them better through the RA7171,” Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc said.
Among Ilocos Norte’s front liners in tobacco production are the municipalities of Pinili, Paoay, Batac, Banna, Marcos, Dingras, Sarrat, and Piddig.
“Kailangang ma-convince sila na in the long term sila po ang pinaka-beneficiary ng ating gagawin para sa mas maraming tobacco production,” he added.
The contract defined the specific roles and obligations of participating units; determined the extent of assistance from LGUs to tobacco farmers, streamlined the system of budgetary requirement; and finalized steps and strategies in improving recording of tobacco in Ilocos Norte.
Over the years, local government units have allocated production assistance to cover expenses of farm inputs, fertilizers, and insecticides,.
Meanwhile, as part of NTA’s thrust in improving the economic and living condition of tobacco farmers, the agency helped farmers in addressing tobacco leaf requirements for domestic manufacturing and export.
“In order to solve the problems in the tobacco industry, every year we confer to discuss and come up with unified technology—the various fertilizers and insecticides appropriate for use to cultivate tobacco,” said NTA governing board member director Nestor C. Casela
“Last year, our LGUs had remarkable accomplishments. They followed our technology; they purchased whatever the requirements were. I believe, we will be able to solve issues on yield and quality with it,” he said.


No Islamic State terrorists operating in Bulacan:PNP

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has not received any intelligence report on the alleged threat posed by a terror group affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) in Bulacan contrary to rumours.
PNP chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde gave the assurance after a draft police memorandum warning the public that IS terrorists are moving to Bulacan was posted on Facebook and Twitter.
Albayalde urged residents of Bulacan to remain calm, saying the threats are confined in critical areas in Mindanao.
“We want to assure the public that government forces are doing everything to prevent a spillover,” Albayalde said.
The supposed memorandum from the Bulacan police office was dated Sept. 6. It said IS-inspired militants would attack religious communities as well as Catholic and Christian churches inthe province.
Col. Chito Bersaluna, provincial police director, said there was miscommunication with a PNP personnel who wrote the memo.
Bersaluna said a non-commissioned officer whom he did not identify misunderstood his verbal instructions. He said what should have been written is for police units to be on full alert following recent bombings in Mindanao.
“We had two major events in the province so we intensified our security measures,” he said, referring to the Singkaban Festival, which started on Monday, and the Iglesia ni Cristo’s Grand Baptism at the Ciudad de Victoria in Bocaue on Saturday.
Bersaluna said he relieved the non-commissioned officer. – Ramon Efren Lazaro


RDC expands membership to push indigenous peoples issues

By Marlo T. Lubguban

BAGUIO CITY – The Regional Development Council’s committee on indigenous peoples’ concerns welcomed its new members for 2019 to 2022 recently
The groups will discuss development matters on indigenous peoples of the Cordillera and the emerging culture and arts sector.
The committee confirmed National Commission on Indigenous Peoples Cordillera Regional Director Roland Calde as its chairman, with RDC private sector representative Manuel Ano of the Igorot Global Organization as co-chair.
Labor and Employment regional director Exequiel Guzman was elected the committee’s vice-chair.
The committee decided to expand and invite more members from the private sector through the RDC’s pool of civil society organizations.
The CIPC will also extend invitations to the Police Regional Office Cordillera, Dept. of Energy, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration among others to consolidate programs and policies concerning IPs in the Cordillera.
Unlike other regions having only four sectoral committees (development administration, economic, infrastructure and social development, the Cordillera has six.
The CIPC, along with the watershed and environmental management committee, are unique sectoral committees of the Cordillera RDC.
This is in recognition of the region’s unique cultural and environmental situation as compared to other regions.
Given majority of the Cordillera population belongs to various indigenous cultural communities, a committee focused on indigenous peoples will help ensure their concerns are addressed in accordance with the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act of 1997. “Our committee is intertwined with the functions of the different regional line agencies, environmental management, social welfare, education, etc.”, Calde said.
“The committee is an avenue for convergence where agencies can consolidate their programs for indigenous peoples,” the NEDA-CAR added.
Calde, as chair of the committee, cited importance of culture and the committee’s role in regional development.
He previously detailed the accomplishments of the committee during the 2019 state of the region address on August 13.
He reported increased support for culture-sensitive governance through the establishment of the local councils for culture and arts, the issuance of certificates of ancestral land titles, and the preparation of ancestral domain sustainable development and protection plans (ADSDPP) among others.
Calde also urged boosting of the region’s creative economy given Baguio City’s declaration as a UNESCO creative city for folk arts and crafts.
The NEDA-CAR, as RDC secretariat, said culture has become more important for development with its inclusion in the UN sustainable development goals for 2030 and the current administration’s 0+10 socio-economic agenda.
The Cordillera regional development plan aims to strengthen cultural integrity and identity through establishment of the Autonomous Region of the Cordillera.


4 dead as dengue cases increase in Baguio City

By Aileen P. Refuerzo

BAGUIO CITY – Dengue fever cases in the city have risen by 61 percent with 474 recorded cases, four of whom died, from Jan. 1 to Sept. 9 as against 294 cases listed during the same period last year.
City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (CESU) Head and Dengue Program Coordinator Dr. Donnabel Tubera said the first fatality was an 81-year old man from East Modernsite barangay who died a day after being admitted at the SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart last May.
Second was a 62-year old male from Manuel A. Roxas who passed away May 1 four days after admission at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center.
The other two were a 54-year old female from Holyghost Proper who perished last Aug. 2 after a day of hospitalization at the BGH and a nine-year old male from Irisan barangay who died Sept. 1 after ten days of confinement also at the BGH.
The age of the patients range from 21 days old to 88 years old with median of 24 years.  Majority (54.9 percent) of cases are males.
Clustering of cases was also noted in 17 barangays namely ABCR, Pinsao Proper, Loakan Proper, Camp 7, Honeymoon-Holyghost, Asin Road, Bakakeng Central, St. Joseph Village, Irisan, San Luis Village, Liwanag-Loakan, Holyghost Ext., Middle Rock Quarry, Aurora Hill Proper, Dontogan,  Lopez Jaena and Sto. Tomas Proper.
Tubera said the number of cases have started to decline based on previous data but remained menacing because of the deaths.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong and City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo reminded the public to continually observe anti-dengue measures particularly those contained in city’s Ordinance No. 66 series of 2016 or the “Anti-Dengue Ordinance of the City of Baguio.”
They also urged the observance of the Dept. of Health’s anti-dengue campaign ”Mag 4S Kontra Dengue (4 S: Search and destroy breeding places; Self-protection measures; Seek early consultation; and Support spraying to prevent impending diseases).”



Tarlac folks nabbed in Bontoc, Mt Prov for P364-K marijuana

BONTOC, Mountain Province -- Fourteen residents of Tarlac City including a minor were captured here Monday afternoon at a checkpoint along Bontoc-Kalinga Road in front of Dept. of Public Works and Highways building at Barangay Caluttit for illegal possession of P364,000 worth of marijuana. 
They were identified as Robert Bautista Sosa, 19, operator at the International Wiring System; Julius Maynete Carbao, 22; David Kim Tacusalme Ocampo, 23; Miguil Lorente Irieman, 24, sales agent; Ralph Cabral Basilio, 24; John Paul Avana Calimlim, 24; Jomar Lee Sicat Maynete, 24; Michael Buan Reyes, 26; John David Ibale Tapar, 31, driver; Benjamin Ibale Tapar, 24; Clarisa Bautista, 23, online seller; Audie Ramos Galany, 49, businessman; Princess Ibale Galany, 37, bank employee; and a 17 year old minor.
Confiscated from them were three bricks of dried marijuana and leaves packed in different containers.
                Police said suspects were under surveillance since last week. and were onboard a vehicle proceeding to the checkpoint.
                Joint police and anti-drug personnel conducted the arrest.
 Investigation showed that the group came from nearby Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga to have themselves tattoed by famed indigenous tattoo artist Apo Wang-od.
All denied ownership of said marijuana found in the vehicle.
All suspects are now facing charges for violation of Republic  Act Number 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act filed by police in court.

Man nabbed for shabu;cops confiscate P16,500

BAGUIO CITY – A certain Ismael Abdullah Darang, 23, was arrested by police here Sept. 12 during a buy-bust operation at Bakakeng Central. Confiscated from his possession were “shabu” worth P16,500. 

  5 nabbed in Baguio for illegal gambling

BAGUIO CITY – Five persons were arrested for illegal gambling here last week.
Nabbed at Purok 14, Irisan Sept. 15 were
Michael Eňola. Relos, 33, driver; Rendentor Acocos Julian, 33, construction worker; Melchor Lamarca Gacuscus, 27, driver and Marlon Mabalot Estacio, 24, helper, all Irisan residents.
They caught playing “pusoy.” Cops confiscated from them a set of playing cards and P780 bet money.
All are now facing charges for violation of Presidential Decree 1602 or Anti-Gambling Act before local court.
Meanwhile, a certain Maria Bingado Lales, 44, resident of Cares, Pugo, La Union was arrested by joint personnel of Baguio and Tubao, La Union police also here at Purok 14 Cypress, Irisan on Sept. 13, 2019 for the same offence.
Judge Bona A. Aruta MCTC of Tubao-Pugo recommended  bail of P 24,000 for her temporary liberty.

Youth steals P63-K, cell phone from army officer

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – An out of school youth is now being hunted for breaking into the store here of an army officer and stealing P63,000 cash and OPPO F11 cell phone.
                A police report said the incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Monday along the national road at Pinagan, Lucog on complaint of SSg Michael Dasayon Edas, 40, married, active member of Phil. Army assigned with 54 IB, 5th ID based at Tigerhill, Barangay Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao.
Complaint was lodged against John Edison Estrada Gamongan, 22 of Magnao, Tabuk City.
The suspect was identified through a CCTV camera. He gained entry at the back door of the second floor of the house then went at their store at the first floor and took their money collection and cell phone.
The suspect left his motorcycle described as black and red Honda XRM 125 with tampered chassis and engine number which was brought at Tabuk City Police Station.

Man nabbed in La Paz for violence

LA PAZ, Abra – A man was arrested here Monday for violation of Republic Act 9262 (violence against women and children) Nabbed here at Barangay Bulbulala by cops was Eric Alcartado Domondon after warrant was issued against him by Judge Corpus B. Alzate of RTC Branch 1, Bangued, Abra. The judge set bail of P24,000 for Domondon’s temporary liberty.

 Judge sets P72-K bail for theft suspect

TUGUEGARAO CIT, Cagayan – Police arrested here Monday a certain Roldan Ancheta Gaddao for theft after warrant was issued against him by Judge Jerson E. Angog of RTC Branch 25, Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga.The suspect who was nabbed here at Barangay Bunton was issued P72,000 bail by the judge for his temporary liberty.

Man nabbed for violence against women, children

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – A man was apprehended here Monday by local cops and from Dupax Del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya along km 11, Shilan, La Trinidad for violation of Republic Act 7610 (amended law on violence against women and children).Nabbed was Jonnie Victor Wansi after warrant was issued against him by Judge Marrieta S. Brawner-Cualling of RTC Branch 9 Family Court for Benguet. Bail of P80,000 was set by the judge.

 Bolt Cutter gang- man nabbed in Itogon 

ITOGON, Benguet – An alleged member of the Bolt Cutter Gang operating nationwide identified as Wilber Olnosen Domanew was apprehended by cops here Monday at Poblacion for robbery.
This, after warrant was issued against him by Judge Rodolfo B. Dizon of RTC Branch 18, Ilagan City, Isabela with bail set at P48,000.00.
Domagew was reportedly under the group of Alfred Rufino aka Pal-eg group. Domagew was brought to the Crime Investigation and Detection Group regional office.

  Valenzuela City wanted man nabbed in Tabuk

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – For theft, a man was arrested here Monday at Dagupan Centro by city police in coordination with Valenzuela City police. Nabbed was Reynante Onias Solidum after warrant was issued against him by Judge Lorenza R. Bordios of RTC Branch 171, Valenzuela City. Bail P42,000 was set by the judge for thte suspect’s temporary liberty.

Bangued bocap, tanod, held for grave threats

BANGUED, Abra – A barangay chairman and tanod were apprehended here Monday at Barangay Calot for grave threats.
Nabbed were Calot barangay chairman Robert Beljamin, 35 and Benson Beljamin Bio, 37 after Judge Homer Jay D. Ragonjan of RTC, Brach 1, Bangued ordered their arrest. Bail was set at P120,000 for their temporary liberty. Both were incarcerated at the town jail.
Please be informed that at about 8:40 PM of September 16, 2019 at No.228 Holyghost Extension, Baguio City, personnel of PS3, CIU, Baguio CPO and Bucay MPS, Abra PPO arrested DOMINGO BALANGEN CAROLINO by virtue of WOA issued by Judge Elizabeth G. Bringas of RTC Branch 58, Bucay, Abra for Violation of RA 9262 under CC No. N-1239 with bail amounting to Php24,000.00. Arrested person was brought to PS 3, BCPO for disposition.

Kabayan cop falls down 500-foot ravine; survives

KABAYAN, Benguet – A police officer of this town was severely wounded when the Mitsubishi Adventure he was driving bearing plate number WDK 479 fell down a 500-feet ravine here Monday.
A police report the accident happened around 12:20 p.m. at Mogao, Adaoay. The victim was identified as SSg Keithly Canuto Gavino, 32.
Investigation disclosed Gavino was on his way to La Trinidad, Benguet and traversing a curve when he fell down the ravine after evading a descending vehicle.
Gavino was not able to see the road clearly due to heavy fog.
The victim was rushed by a responding civilian to Dennis Memorial Hospital for treatment. His vehicle was a total wreck.
Please be informed that on September 12, 2019 at around 11:15 AM at Sitio Naplahan, Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao, joint personnel of Hingyon MPS, PIB and Lagawe MPS, Ifugao PPO arrested Gerris M. Tuliao by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Romeo Habbiling of RTC, Br. 14, Lagawe, Ifugao under CC #2995  for Rape with no bail. Arrested person was brought to Hingyon MPS for disposition prior turnover to the concerned court.

 Subject:  RIR in Multiple Injuries And Damage To Property

Reference: SMS from PD, Benguet PPO dated September 12, 2019.
                Please be informed that on September 12, 2019 at around 2:30 PM in Monglo, Bayabas, Sablan, Benguet, joint personnel of Sablan MPS, PIB and PIDMB, Benguet PPO arrested Billy Jone S. Cachin by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Jacinto M. Dela Cruz Jr. of RTC, Br. 33, Bauang, La Union under CC #5713 for RIR in Multiple Injuries And Damage To Property with a bail of Php30, 000.00. Arrested person was brought to Sablan MPS for disposition prior turnover to the concerned court.

Subject: Violation of PD 1602

Reference: SMS from ACD, Baguio CPO on September 13, 2019.
                Please be informed that at around 2:20 PM of Sept 13, 2019 at Purok 14 Cypress, Irisan, Baguio City, joint personnel of Police Station 2, Baguio CPO and Tubao MPS arrested Maria Bingado Lales by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Bona A. Aruta MCTC of Tubao-Pugo for Violation of PD 1602 under Criminal Case No. 3280-P with a bail of Php 24,000. Arrested person was brought to PS 2, Baguio CPO for documentation and will be brought to Tubao MPS for proper disposition.

Subject: Violation of RA 9262

Reference: SMS from ACD, Baguio CPO on September 13, 2019.
                Please be informed that at around 8:30 PM on September 13, 2019 infront of Prime Hotel Session Road, Baguio City, personnel of Police Station 6, WCPD, Police Station 7 and Police Station 9, Baguio CPO arrested John Michael Tres Reyes Abalos by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Ivan Kim Morales of RTC Branch 59, Baguio City for Violation of RA 9262 under Criminal Case No. 42763-R with a recommended bail of Php40,000. Arrested wanted person was brought to PS 6, Baguio CPO for appropriate disposition.

Subject: Theft

Reference: SMS from ACD, Baguio CPO on September 13, 2019.
                Please be informed that at around 7:10 AM on September 13, 2019 along Upper Session Road, Baguio City, joint personnel of Police Station 5, Police Station 7 and WCPD, Baguio CPO arrested Christine Joy C. Lazy (CICL) by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Ivan Kim B Morales of RTC Branch 59, Baguio City for Theft under Criminal Case No. 355-2019-R with a recommended bail of Php6,000.00. Arrested person was brought to Police Station 5, Baguio CPO for proper disposition prior turn over to court concerned.

Subject: Arson

Reference: SMS from PD, Ifugao PPO on September 13, 2019.
                Please be informed that at around 4:15 PM on September 13, 2019 in Dagdag, Wangwang, Ifugao, personnel of Hungduan MPS, Tinoc MPS, PIB, Ifugao PPO and RIU 14 together with Diffun MPS, Maddella MPS, Quirino PMFC, PIB, Quirino PPO, Santa Fe MPS, Nueva Viscaya PPO and RIU 2 arrested Jasper Ananyo Walihon by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Eufrene F. Changale of RTC Branch 32, Cabarroguis Quirino for Arson under Criminal Case No. 2273-2013 with a recommended bail of P200,000. Arrested wanted person was brought to Hungduan MPS for appropriate disposition prior turn over to court concerned.

 Subject: Reckless Imprudence Resulting in Serious Physical Injuries

Reference: SMS from PD, Abra PPO on September 13, 2019.
                Please be informed that at around 4:25 PM on September 13, 2019 in Barangay Macray, Bangued, Abra, joint personnel of Bangued MPS, Baay-Licuan MPS and  Bucloc MPS, Abra PPO arrested Dariel Gandeza Vasquez by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Elizabeth G. Bringas of RTC Branch 58, Bucay, Abra under for Reckless Imprudence Resulting In Serious Physical Injuries under Criminal Case No. 1374-B-2019  with a recommended bail of Php 10,000. Arrested wanted person was brought to Bangued MPS for appropriate disposition prior turn over to court concerned.

Subject: Attempted Theft and Theft

Reference: SMS from ACD, Baguio CPO on September 13, 2019.

Please be informed that at around 6:20 PM on September 13, 2019 at Songadan 2 Bar, Balisong Building. Baguio City, personnel of Police Station 1, WCPD, Baguio CPO and CIDG-Baguio arrested Carl Adam Herrera Resurreccion by virtue of Alias Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Mia Joy C.Oallares-Cawed of RTC Branch 4, Baguio City for Attempted Theft and Theft under Criminal Case Nos.CICL-152; CICL-209 and CICL-266 with a total bail of Php26,000. Arrested wanted person was brought to Police Station 1, Baguio CPO for appropriate disposition prior turn over to court concerned.

 Subject: Theft

Reference: SMS from ACD, Baguio CPO on September 13, 2019.
                Please be informed that at around 8:15 PM on September 13, 2019 at Igorot Park, AZCKO Brgy, Baguio City, personnel of Police Station 1, WCPD, Baguio CPO and CIDG Baguio arrested Angel Mhay Hayas Tomas (CICL) by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Ivan Kim B. Morales of RTC Branch 59, Baguio City for Theft under Criminal C No. 355-2019-R  with a recommended bail of Php6,000. Arrested wanted person was brought to PS 1 for documentation prior turn-over to Silungan Center, OCSWADO, Baguio City for appropriate disposition.

Action Taken: Memo sent to TDO,NHQ

 Subject: VTA Resulting in Multiple Damage to Property

Reference: SMS from BCPO dated September 15, 2019.
                Please be informed that on September 14, 2019 at about 11:47 PM a Vehicular Traffic Accident Resulting in Multiple Damage to Property transpired at about 10:25 PM of same date along Lower Magsaysay, Baguio City. Wherein Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon with plate no. UAE902 driven by PSSg Jeremiash Gualdo Pelitan, PNP member assigned at RHSG Camp Major Bado Dangwa and a resident of AD260, Central Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet.
                Investigation disclosed that while the Pajero was reversing it bumped a Mitshubishi Fortuner with plate no. ABO 5461 which was parked unattended. Due to the strong impact, the Fortuner move sideways then hit the unattended Toyota Innova wagon with a conduction sticker no. VZ3464. As a result, all involved vehicles incurred undetermined cost of damages, no person injured.

 Subject:   Violation of RA 7942 and RA 7076

Reference: SMS from PD, Benguet PPO dated September 12, 2019.
                Please be informed that on September 12, 2019 at around 9:25 PM in Kias Virac, Itogon, Benguet, personnel of Itogon MPS, Benguet PPO responded to a report that a CIP (Carbon Impulp Processing) operation is ongoing at the said place.
                Responding personnel found Anthony N. Sapian, 32 y/o manning the reported CIP operation. He attempted to escape and entered a house to hide but later convinced to surrender. The arrested person and confiscated pieces of evidence were brought to Itogon MPS for appropriate disposition.

Girl, 4, found dead in Agno riverbank

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan — A four-year-old girl was found dead near the bank of Agno River in Barangay Baay in this town on Sept. 5.
The body of Romelyn Panoncillon, a resident of Barangay Dorongan, was found floating by her cousin, Rudy Tandoc, 25.
The victim was last seen on Wednesday at about 1 p.m. when she went out to buy snacks from a store. – Eva Visperas

Boy, 4, drowns in Isabela pool

TUGUEGARAO CITY — A four-year-old boy drowned during a family outing in Alicia, Isabela on Sept. 7.
Geoven Rein Gines reportedly sneaked into a pool for the adults at a resort in Barangay Sto. Tomas.
Gines’ parents said they failed to notice that their son left the children’s pool.
The boy was retrieved from the bottom of the pool at around 7:50 p.m. He was rushed to the nearest hospital, but doctors failed to revive him.
Authorities are studying charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide against the owners of the resort. – Raymund Cartindig


Cops shoot dead ‘pusher’ in La Trinidad drug ‘shootout’

>> Friday, September 20, 2019

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Police shot dead an alleged drug pusher in a “shootout” here Tuesday night at Barangay Shilan.
“The subject drug pusher of a buy-bust operation was shot and died after exchanging fire with the police operative who acted as buyer,” said a report from the regional police headquarters her at Camp Dangwa.
The report said suspect Hilario Viduya Pineda opened fire at one of the police operatives who was wearing a bullet proof vest after discovering that some of the money given to him were fake.
The cop reportedly retaliated and shot the suspect which caused his instant death.
Elements of the the Intelligence Branch of Benguet and Abra provincial police offices participated in the operation.
Recovered from the crime scene were Springfield Cal. 45 pistol, four fired bullets, five live ammunition, brown camouflage sling bag containing cell phone with sim card, six plastic sachets containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu, six pieces P1,000 bills of which three were alleged fake money, motorcycle used by the suspect and some of his belongings.
Pineda was reportedly listed in the “street level target” of the Directorate for Intelligence of the Philippine National Police and the list of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency who had been monitored to be operating in Abra, Baguio City, La Trinidad, and other places in Region 1.
When the suspect was still 18 years old, he was reportedly arrested several times for engaging in illegal activities such as theft and robbery.
As a minor and without a home, Pineda was given shelter at the police station by the Women and Children Protection Desk of Baguio City Police Office and given education through the Alternative Learning System.
However, he left police program and reportedly went back to his illegal activities including illegal drugs.
Police Regional Office Cordillera director Brig. Gen. Israel Ephraim Dickson cited police for the operation.
On Monday night, another drug pusher was reportedly arrested in Baguio City for selling two sachets of shabu. 


P’sinan Ex-gov Espino got death threats before ambush; assassins still unidentified;

SAN CARLOS, Pangasinan – Assassins who tried to kill former Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino Jr. are still unidentified even as he had been receiving death threats prior to the ambush that wounded him and killed one of his police escorts, police said Thursday.
“Kung hindi ako nagkakamali last week siya ay sumulat sa amin dahil may na-re-receive siyang threat kaya binigyan natin ng temporary security dito,” Col. Rederico Maranan, director of Pangasinan Police Provincial Office, said in a press briefing in Pangasinan.
Maranan said they gave Espino added security because of threats he had been receiving.
On Wednesday afternoon, Espino and his four bodyguards survived after unidentified armed men opened fire at their vehicle.
One of Espino’s police security aide, Police Staff Sgt. Richard Esguerra, was killed on the spot.
Maranan said Espino and the other wounded aides are now in stable condition and out of danger.
Maranan said they are still conducting further investigation and completing pieces of evidence to determine motive behind the ambush. Espino’s vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, was at the village of Magtaking in San Carlos City around 4:30 p.m. when the gunmen attacked.
One of Espino’s aides, a policeman, was killed during the ambush while Espino was taken to Holy Blessed Family Hospital, also in San Carlos City, for treatment, San Carlos City Mayor Julier Resuello said.
Resuello clarified that only one aide was killed, not two as reported earlier.
Some of the aides were on board a Toyota Innova that served as a backup vehicle.
Resuello said Espino’s driver was able to take the vehicle to the hospital after the ambush.
The crime scene was 150 meters from the hospital.
Sources said security aides shielded Espino during the attack.
Resuello said Espino suffered gunshot wounds in the arm and body but is now out of danger.
Investigators said they have yet to determine the motive for the attack.
Espino also served as a former representative of Pangasinan’s 5th District.
.Brig. Gen. Joel Orduna, director of the Ilocos Region police, said he
Had ordered a massive pursuit operations against the perpetrators. “We deployed our men in all possible escape routes” he added.
Espino, who is also a former congressman of the 5th District of Pangasinan, was on board a Sports Utility Vehicle escorted by two other vehicles believed to be his security escorts. -- Liezle Basa Inigo


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