Benguet trade center to link farmers, buyers through contract trade

>> Friday, February 19, 2016

LAS TRINIDAD, Benguet -- The Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center (BAPTC) aims to link farmers to various markets through contract trading scheme.
Frederick Edeco, managing director of BAPTC contract trading department said  the scheme has two components known as the contract growing and consolidation.
In contract growing, the buyer will be providing farm inputs to the farmers. Through a marketing agreement, the BAPTC, buyer and the farmer will discuss price matters of the produce based on the production cost, terms of payment, duration, mode of delivery, among others.
“Also, there will be a trading fee of P2.00/kilo as service fee since the BAPTC will be assisting the farmer from seed sowing to harvesting. A field man from the Center will be monitoring the farmer to ensure that the requirement needed by the buyer will be provided, so as to guarantee that the buyer will be providing the farm inputs needed,” he added.
On the other hand, the consolidation is also based on the needed produce of a buyer such as restaurants, fast food chain, immediate orders, or walk-in buyers.
“There will be a conference to be conducted for farmer groups interested to participate in this marketing scheme. Under this system, the description of vegetables needed will be consolidated. The price will be based on the production cost and the prevailing price at the trading post,” said Analyn Liccud, consolidation assistant.
Edeco said a trading fee of P1 per kilo will be implemented under the consolidation since BAPTC will be supervising the quality control of the produce of farmers to be produced and marketed.
At present, there are three buyers known as the QSR Corporation for contract growing of Cabbage (Scorpio variety), with a requirement of 65 tons per month; V&T corporation (contract growing) for cabbage and wombok to be exported to Taiwan from June to December with 3 container vans weekly; and Ever Golden Fresh Corporation (consolidation and contract growing) for cabbage, Lettuce and Bell Pepper.-- JFP


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