Cinderellas reign supreme in Isabela

>> Friday, February 26, 2016

Ramon S. Dacawi

Displaying the winning form that earned that numerous national and invitational titles, the Baguio Cinderellas breezed through in the 2nd Santiago City Week-end Futsal Cup with a clean 4-o, win-loss cards in the tournament organized last week-end by the Santiago City Football Club.

Led by striker Judith Doctolero and third-generation pick Jana Cabanilla, the Baguio squad methodically dumped Isabela State, 5-1, Santiago FC, 12-2, Blue Lions B, 5-0, and a newly assembled Baguio squad, the Blued Lions A, 3-2, for a clean sweep  of their schedule organized by tournament commissioner Victor Ngipol in Santiago.

Cabanilla  punctured the oppositions’ defenses with 11 goals over-all while Doctolero had a 10=-goal aggregate to emerge the top two scorers in the blitz tournament organized by the Santiago City Football Club. 

Newcomer Baguio Lions A representing St. Louis Universitys scored three wins for second place over-all. It blnkedBl;ueLions B, 4-0, dumped Santiago Football Club, 7-3, and toyed with Isabela, 8-2 

Host Isabela State U plucked two victories at the expense of Santiago City, 5-1, and debuting  Blue Lions B,3-1,  to finish third in the five-team weekend meet.

Used to adjusting to the givens just to be able to play, the Cinderellas left Baguio early evening of Saturday, dozing off during the trip to and carrying with them pre-cook food to cut on billeting and food costs. 

“We’ve been used to traveling straight playing field since we won our first national title,” recalled veteran defender Vangie Gigan.  “Somehow, lack of rest prior to a tournament has never been a problem as the team would usually come home with the trophy.”

Completing the victorious line-up were Melody Bucahan, Jocelyn Dalisay and Luisa Marie Cabanilla.


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