CPA on Pacquiao's dig over same-sex marriage

>> Friday, February 26, 2016

Alfred P. Dizon

Manny Pacquiaos’s statement on lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT’s) being “masahol pa sa hayop (worse than animals) had gone viral and earned a lot of bashing from netizens from the absurd to the vicious.
I saw a gay man gave Pacquiao a tongue-lashing on You-Tube complete with unprintable expletives and body language we found rather inappropriate. Call it “resbak” in street language or getting back at the multi-awarded global boxer for being gender-insensitive.       
The basher talked about Mama Dionisia having a younger boyfriend. He said the boy would not be dating the celebrity mother if not for her money. He went on to say she had the face of a …
Now, here comes an “asar” saying: “Hey what’s wrong with being compared to animals? We love animals. Animals are great. Animals love and help humans without asking anything in return. Animals, like dogs, cats and dolphins have saved people’s lives even without salaries.Animals don’t steal billions from impoverished Filipinos. Most animals are better than many humans. To be compared to animals is not an insult. It’s a compliment.”Is anybody listening out there?
Before this column turns absurd, we would like to print a statement of the Cordillera People’s Alliance by Jude Baggo, CPA information officer on Pacquiao:
Congressman Manny Pacquiao already said sorry on his comparison that same-sex marriage is “masahol pa sahayop”. But he cannot retract that his irresponsible and homophobic statement can set dangerous opinion and precedent that LGBTs do not deserve happiness and basic human rights. Pacquiao should be reminded that LGBTs have human rights.
 His disturbing statement is a concrete proof that homophobia is still a reality in our society and not an issue of the distant past. Despite the advance in science and reasoning, LGBTs still suffer from homophobia, discrimination and in worst cases, hate crimes. And like most Filipinos, majority also of LGBT suffer from the social and economic crisis.
But what makes his statement and even in his apology worst is his use of the Bible to justify his words. Pacquiao can always believe what he thinks is best for his soul but he should refrain using or quoting the Bible to impose morality and defend his irrational fear or homophobia towards the LGBT communities.
 The Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance as the broadest organization of indigenous tribes in the Cordillera is one with the LGBT communities to call on Pacquiao and all those who think and look upon the LGBTs as second class people and even compare them to animals to rethink and read more about LGBT.
It is not right to compare same-sex marriage as “mas masahol pa sahayop”. It is not right to look upon the LGBT communities as second class people.
CPA as an organization recognizes and respects the rights and welfare of the LGBT communities. In fact, as a member of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS), CPA supports ILPS Concern No. 17 which tackles the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people against discrimination, intolerance and homophobia. Aside from this, CPA has been supporting and participating LGBT concerns and major activities such as Pride Parade. In Baguio City, CPA supports the proposed anti-discrimination resolution in the City Council.
It is high time that LGBT rights such as same-sex marriage should be one of the top agenda of candidates especially those running for national positions. Let the voices of the LGBT communities be heard.


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