Filipino-Chinese community takes neutral stand in May polls

>> Friday, February 19, 2016

BAGUIO CITY -- The Filipino-Chinese community here said it is not inclined to support any particular political candidate, local or national in the forthcoming May 9 elections.
In celebration of the Spring Festival, the Filipino-Chinese communities in all parts of the country remain impartial, said Peter Ng, adviser of the Baguio Filipino-Chinese group.
“We are independent as persons. As a group, we are not supporting anybody and we recognize the independent choice of each person which is based on their belief of the capability of the candidate. What is important to us is the unity to help the community where we belong,” Ng said.
He said Chinese New Year festivities are aimed at promoting understanding and unity between the Filipinos and the Chinese as well as fostering friendship and business and not for political gains.
The Spring Festival was successfully celebrated in the city with the colorful parade held Tuesday afternoon on the city’s main thoroughfare, where participants were able to showcase Chinese culture and tradition.
Ng said the Filipino-Chinese community is focused only on tourism promotion through business development, to help the city and the residents by providing employment.
Mayor Mauricio Domogan expressed gratitude to the Filipino-Chinese community for supporting the city through the establishment of businesses and holding medical missions, gift giving activities and assistance to public schools, among others.

By virtue of City Ordinance No.18 series of 1999, the city has institutionalized the celebration.


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