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March L. Fianza

Blame it on those who made Manny Pacquiao congressman. I say so because of his statement described gay couples as “worse than animals.” Those words can be spoken by one who also thinks like an animal.
The congressman who might really become a senator in May characterizes an uninformed and misguided person. The sadder situation is that he could seek to be president of our children and grandchildren after six years. Please have pity for all. He must not be.
But even if all the gays and lesbians condemn him for his words; his fame, dole-out system and irregular generosity that has gone to his upper head will not sway people from electing him. This is the voters’ fault.
I like him for his skills inside the boxing ring while others go to the extent of adoring him and looking up to the man like an earthly god, and that is where the danger lies. With the help of his voters, he successfully converted his talent and popularity into politics. Now in congress, he cannot discuss critical issues that matter so much to all Filipinos and is at the top of the list of absentees.
We cannot blame Pacquiao. From rags to riches, then becoming a national icon who is known worldwide, he has convinced my animal brain and his that he can do anything, buy his way into anything, but cannot discuss much less write about anything in politics except warm his seat.
The thing to do is for Jinky, mommy Dionisia, his friends and close-ins to tell him to continue being a philanthropist and a sportsman because these are really the best things that he is good at. That way, he can use his fame and fortune.
With his animalistic words, he hostaged himself and has to compensate dearly for what his misguidance and unthinking lips said. Let us help him pay the lesbians and gays, and the way to do that is not to vote for him into the senate. Otherwise, he might be your future president.
Hostaged and blackmailed too! That is how I look at why the Onjon ni Ivadoy officers printed a program schedule that does not speak of Ibaloys. That is my opinion based on what I saw and based on some answers I gathered from those I talked to. 
                I heard the city fund that will be provided for Ibaloy Day has to be bid out (as in a government bidding of a project). But will happen if the Onjon loses in the bidding process, just like last year? The winning bidder will be the one to provide for the needs during the event, including delivering pigs whose sizes will be unfit for the Ibaloy rituals.
Still the names of city hall officials composing the executive committee who approve the funds and who are obvious candidates in May 2016 were included in the program. You know what for! Campaign mileage.
There are Ibaloy politicians who are candidates for different positions but I did not see their names nor do they have roles in the Ibaloy program. I thought Onjon ni Ivadoy as a group, aside from sustaining the Ibaloy culture and fighting for Ibaloy rights, was also organized to help realize the dream of Ibaloys to have Ibaloy officials in City Hall.
I found out that it is not so. We missed again this chance to support one of our own. The Onjon ni Ivadoy annual event was also organized as a reunion of cousins and relatives who call on their fellow Ibaloys, especially the politicians, to be special guests. In most cases, they have special roles. The organization could have taken advantage of the event because they are Ibaloys.
When will we learn to support our own? Election comes ones only in three years. When will we give special recognition to them? Maybe next year, the city officials who blackmail the Onjon ni Ivadoy into recognizing them before releasing fund requests will again be the ones appearing in the program schedule.

Many will say let us not politicize Ibaloy Day. Okay with me. But if so, then remove all names of politicians in the program. I even heard a fellow Ibaloy who said, the Ibaloy Day program paper was printed as the polyetos of the candidates. Sorry nalang but all these observations are valid. Now tell me, whom are you endorsing?


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