Smoke testers warned against fixing results

>> Friday, February 26, 2016

By Jun Elias

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – An official of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources warned private emission testing centers (PETCs) of suspension or closure should they be found fixing smoke test results of vehicles.
The DOAS, installed at the police office’s air quality monitoring station, measures real-time ambient air quality within a one-kilometer radius.
Cuna said many PETCs were found to have issued certifications to vehicles that failed the smoke test.
The certification is required for the renewal of vehicle registration at the Land Transportation Office (LTO).
 “The EMB and LTO found out that many (owners of) motor vehicles obtained certifications from private emission testing centers although these are smoke belchers,” Cuna said.
He said the EMB either suspended the permits or padlocked the erring testing centers.
“We are doing this to promote good quality of air and a healthy environment for our people,” Cuna said,
In Metro Manila, the air quality as of December was 101 micrograms per cubic meter, slightly above the normal particulate level of 90 mpcm.
The average air quality in the metropolis in 2010 was 166 mpcm.
“There has been a significant reduction of particulate levels in Metro Manila because of the continuing efforts of DENR, the Metro Manila Development Authority, local government units and the transport sector,” Cuna said, adding the anti-smoke belching operation would continue .
Operators and drivers will be required to maintain their vehicles’ fuel efficiency.


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