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>> Friday, February 19, 2016

Gina Dizon                  

(The following essays are winning entries on recent essay writing contest open to all high school students of Sagada and sponsored by social concerns committee of the Church of St Mary the Virgin (CSMV), Feb. 2 on occasion of Feast of the Purification of St Mary the Virgin and Presentation of Jesus Christ at the Temple  and Sagada Etag Festival)
(1st winning essay by Skyler Dagacan, Sagada National High School)
 The youth greatly affect church and community building. It is in their hands whether the community slowly loses its sense as well as the church.
 The less dominant but more liberal and constructive people of  society have the creative brains that strongly empower others to strengthen their faith and uphold their love to God. These people unmoved by pride of opinion voice out  practical ideas  for community development  and help empower   conservative members  of the community cope with  the fast  changing world and  advancement of  technology.
 Various  organizations  are  formed in the community  to help enhance youth  talents  and further instill  their minds  the  true value  of responsibility. For example, the cleaned pathway where students and  community members pass through  is an evidence  where the  youth  bear the idea of responsibility and common good. Before the pathway was cleaned, it was tangled with different species of weeds which partly blocked the way and affected human locomotion.
The church is also an integral part  of the life of  the youth enhancing their spiritual being and  drive  them towards closer relationship  to our  Father in heaven.  Through active participation  on church affairs,  the youth educate and inspire  little children to be good stewards  of God’s creation by way of Sunday school  and community  youth outreach   programs.
Samahan ng Kabataang Episkopal ng Pilipinas   (SKEP) is  an  organization of the church that  involves the active participation of youth to further strengthen and promote goodwill  and stronger faith  to  God among  other people  in the church.
 The 2016 Etag Festival  and the Feast of the  Presentation of  Jesus Christ in the Temple  and the Purification of  the Blessed Virgin Mary  is a  joint activity  with  the municipality  that needs church and community  involvement. Here, the combined effort of the youth is  vividly  seen as they help in the maintenance  of clean surroundings  and practice waste  segregation most especially in the  central business district  where mushroomed many stalls.  This affair  shoots two birds at a time, to help build  the community and the church.
 Church and community building is in the hands of the youth whether the community prospers   or lose its sense as well as the church. As said by Dr Jose Rizal: The youth is the hope of  the fatherland.
( 2nd winning essay by Chareen Dacwag,Bangaan National High School)  
Every person wants a community filled with peace, love and  joy . A community like this is already here for the Sagadanias but we can still go for a better one with the aid of the church and the people of our community,
Our national hero Dr Jose Rizal once said’ the youth is the hope of the fatherland.’ This quotation is repeated every now and then. But then it is worth to repeatedly mention for it is  very true. The  young  people  of  certain community  hold the key to their  community’s future. They are responsible in securing a better and brighter tomorrow for their Lupang Sinilangan. This is why the youth  should be responsible  enough to do ever thing they can to be the best individual for themselves  and for the  community.
The church plays a great role in shaping the  personality of an individual. Most  of the time, the church along with  the Christian   faith and  God's  love provides  upright  and moral values  and a closer relationship  to God  and  the people. The church teaches us many things, We are taught the  golden rules,  first and foremost. We are taught to share our  blessings to the less  unfortunate, to be contented and thankful  for what  we have, to  have faith in God or  matter what, to love unconditionally and  most  importantly  to love God.
After receiving too much from the church and the Almighty God it is person’s responsibility to give back. Mostly they  become devoted Christians and even advocates. And this is what the  youth  should do.  They should go to church and learn as much as they can with their hearts and minds., And they will go out in the community and become  models of the people. They should go out in the community and cement brotherhood and camaraderie for this will be their starting path in improving the current status of the community.
You build the youth, you build the community. If  the youth of certain community are ill mannered, then the c community is ill mannered. if the youth of certain community  are with upright   moral values, then a brighter  future is  waiting for the community. The  fate of the community lies in the hands of the youth. That is why the  youth should  seek help especially from their church  to  ensure   brighter future  for themselves and the community.
 (3rd winning essay by Israel Pecdasen, Ankileng National High School)
 The youth, the church and community are related with each other. It is a  recipe for the outcome of our tomorrow. A community houses the youth, potential game changers, and the church directs them into   good and productive way. So if the youth of today recognize the importance of the church, our tomorrow will be much better and happier one.
 The youth of today needs role models to follow, their parents’ guidance and the presence of the church. It is because we, the  youth can’t learn on our own. We need to be guided to our dreams and goals and our purposes in life.
 The church plays a big part in creation of  a better tomorrow. It is fact that it teaches good things, that it creates kind and good hearts.
The youth needs the church, not necessarily going to church everyday but by living their lives by the church’s’ good values and teachings. The youth of today must act in a positive and fruitful way so that we can attain our much pursued better future.


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