Veggie traders against closure of trading post

>> Friday, February 26, 2016

‘La Trinidad mayor: They cannot control prices anymore’ 

By Jorton B. Campana

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Vegetable traders are against closure of the vegetable trading post here since they cannot control prices anymore once farmers transfer to the nearby Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center within the Strawberry Fields area.
Mayor Edna Tabanda bared this as she clarified closure order of the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post after receiving negative flak from the public.
Tabanda said farmers were not against relocating to BAPTC and closure of the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post but the association of traders were the main opponents to the closure.
In meeting conducted last week by representatives of BAPTC and attended by almost 200 groups of farmers from municipalities of Benguet, they agreed to transfer to BAPTC.
Tabanda cited reasons why traders did not want to vacate the trading post despite eviction notice.
One reason was traders will no longer control the prices of vegetables when they will be transferred to BAPTC.
Also the farmers will not be dependent to traders since there will be direct selling between traders and the BAPTV will provide loans for farmers.
She said the BAPTC will be the one to authorize or regulate the price so  farmers will not be greatly affected even if there is high or low supply and demand of vegetables.
The mayor said farmers in BAPTC would benefit from loan programs, training, seminars to enhance their farming techniques, methods and inputs in order to increase quality produced vegetables.
The mayor said traders were the ones disseminating false information which confused the farmers.
On allegation that she was against the farmers, she said there was no reason for her to disregard farmers because they were the ones contributing to the economy of La Trinidad.
Tabanda said farmers and others occupying the La Trinidad Trading Post need to vacate the area after the one-month eviction order because there will be no extension to be given.
Part of the renovation includes permanent trading center for cut flower producers, coffee growers and other organic farmers of La Trinidad.
Also included in the business plan is the development of the road entering trading post.

Tabanda said closure of trading post will affect a lot of businesses but after  renovation the place will still remain a commercial zone. 


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