DTI alerts public on electronic toys

>> Monday, March 7, 2016

BANGUED, Abra-- The Department of Trade and Industry warned the public on purchase of electronically-activated toys like hover boards or scooter boards.
 DTI-Abra provincial director Arell F. Banez urged parents to be cautious in buying toys that are potentially hazardous for their children especially scooters which are fire hazards. 
 Marcos Rex Hall, DTI information officer, gave specific details on what buyers should scrutinize on the labels of electronically-activated toys.
A provision of Republic Act 10620 otherwise known as the “Toy and Game Safety Labeling Act of 2013”  states that product labels shall include safety warnings such as “not intended for children ages 14 years and below.”
Moreover, the labels should also include the following:  “This is not a toy”; “Adult supervision is required”; “Recommended for use for those above 14 years old”; “Use extreme caution when charging batteries”; “This product is intended for indoor use only”.
If the above safety tips are not printed in the box of the item, this means that the said product did not pass through the appropriate process or standards requirements.Therefore, consumers are advised not to buy said product to prevent possible accidents, Hall explained.
Children 14 years old and below should not be given electronically-activated toys with a maximum electrical capacity of 24 volts, Hall said. 
 Since the electrical capacity of hover boards is 36 volts, these are not recommended for this age bracket, he explained.
On the other hand, batteries should have either of the following marks of IEC 62133 or IEC 60335 or ISO/IEC logo. 

Furthermore, it is highly advised that consumers read all labels and instructions before buying or using any product most especially those that are potentially hazardous. If not sure of the integrity of the products, better not buy to avoid accidents. -- Maria Teresa B. Benas


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