Pulag closed to trekkers due to bad weather

>> Sunday, March 13, 2016

KABAYAN, Benguet --  Mt. Pulag, the second highest moun tain in the country, was closed to trekkers since last week due to bad weather, the Office of Civil Defense in the Cordilleras said. 
In an advisory, Emerita Albas, Mt. Pulag protected area superintendent, said the peak and Camps 1, 2 and 3 have been closed.
Albas said there is poor to almost zero visibility, adding that strong winds could blow away camping tents.  
Mt. Pulag had been closed to trekkers on weekends as part of its preservation and protection measures.
Albas said proposals to close the park permanently have yet to be presented to the board of management amid concerns over its impact to local livelihood.  
“We have to ask what the indigenous communities think,” Albas said.
Aside from the guides, transport groups and those offering homestay for trekkers will be affected by the closure of Mt. Pulag.

The mountain is a favorite trekking destination because of the breathtaking view of the sunrise amid a sea of clouds at its peak.   


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