3 Ifugao pastors in hot water over money scam

>> Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ALFONSO LISTA, Ifugao – Three pastors are now in hot water after 11 farmers complained against them Monday at the police station here for allegedly taking thousands of pesos from them with the promise of doubling their money in a short period of time which never materialized.
Complainants included  Aida Francisco Delacruz , 49; Maria PeddiaoLamag, 24; Teresa Runsang Cutaran, 45; Susan Peddiao Baguan, 28; Ginovina Ohomna Laranang; 26, Joy Nasdoman Miranda; Jen-Jen Baguan Alubia, 33; Minda Mateo Peddiao, 23; Antonia Maingi Ohomna, 55; Sonia Ohomna, Soliven 24 and Francis Bongtot Ohomna, 53; all married, farmers and residents here of Barangay Busilac.
Complainants appeared at Alfonso Lista police station and reported that sometime on July 2015 Lucio Carlos, Alex Zaragoza and Hazel Zaragoza collected their money amounting to Php140,000,  P20,000, P100,000, P75,000, P30,000, P60,000, P250,000, P10,000, P30,000, P10,000 and P40,000 respectively.
Investigation showed said amounts were collected by said suspects who were known to them as pastors of the Bible Baptist Church based in the municipality and residents of Sta. Maria in the town.
Suspects were reportedly affiliated agents and members of Direct Marketing Group.
From the day they invested their money until December 2015, the complainants said they never received any pay-out that prompted them to demand the return of their money to which the suspects promised to give it back.
But to date their money has not been returned by the pastors. The case was referred to the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.


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