Local films pushed over foreign works

>> Friday, June 3, 2016

By Aldwin Quitasol

BAGUIO CITY— Filipinos are now being recognized worldwide in the film and theater industry with Jaclyn Jose who won last week as best actress in the Cannes Film Festival.
Following this, Filipino actor Archie Adamos, executive committee member on cinema of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), said local films and arts featuring the different cultures and historical importance should be seriously be given more promotion and support instead of being hooked up to foreign films and songs.
"Hindi binibigyan ng pansin ang mga local na short or feature films na nagpapakita o nagpapalabas ng kulturang Pilipino pati na ang mga mahahalagang bahaging ating kasaysayan," (We are not giving importance to our short or feature films depicting Filipino culture or even the significant parts of our history) said Adamos.
He said that if there are any, there are only few like "Heneral Luna" among the few.
Adamos said what is being heavily promoted are television shows and films that are commercially oriented.
He said television networks prefer much shows that draw in profits through commercials and disregarding works that inculcate consciousness of Filipino culture and history.
He also said that it is a sad reality that the Filipinos prefer to listen to foreign songs rather than listening to music and songs from the Filipino cultural communities. He said he wish that songs and music of Filipino indigenous peoples (IPs) be featured more information than the foreign products.
He said that as a member of the committee for three years, he and his co-members will push for "sinema-rehiyon" that will focus on the different cultures and histories of different places of the country.
He said  through the perseverance of artists, directors and writers among others, the love and pride of the Filipinos for their culture was boosted with their support to the local artists and films.


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