NPA assails Ifugao energy projs, aggie liberalization

>> Tuesday, June 21, 2016

THE IFUGAO COMMAND of the New People’s Army expressed hope the incoming Duterte administration would make living conditions for poor people better but said “national democratic revolution is still the only solution to end poverty and crime.”
“With Rodrigo Duterte about to occupy the presidential seat, the Nona Del Rosario Command is hopeful that he will extend his positive relationship with the revolutionary forces in Mindanao to all NPA units all over the country.
The NPA-Ifugao said they were one with the optimism of the Communist Party of the Philippines regarding Duterte’s victory in making lives of the people better.
In a statement, the communist group said several applications for corporate energy projects have affected Ifugao people.
“If not for their militant struggle, their farmlands would already be awash from hydropower projects and their residences would already be damaged from geothermal energy ventures.
“With electric fees in the Philippines being the steepest in the world, SN Aboitiz Power, Santa Clara, Inc. and Ayala Corporation stand to earn billions of pesos from plundering the national minorities’ natural resources.
“Also, vegetable producers suffer from a chaotic market due to agricultural liberalization. While expenses for commercial inputs skyrocket, trading post prices fluctuate beyond their control. This results in several municipalities being swallowed by an endless cycle of debt.
“His (Duterte’s) recognition of the ongoing civil war between revolutionary and reactionary forces plays a critical role as to whether he will be the first president to persevere in splitting with imperialist US or will his anti-establishment non-conformist statements be merely outrageous rhetoric,” said spokesperson KaWiganMoncontad.
In the past years, Duterte reportedly facilitated the release of NPA-captured soldiers and observed how Red fighters and commanders treat prisoners of war humanely.
“Duterte had been invited to CPP-NPA-National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) gatherings and even had the honor of speaking in such events. He has seen how well the masses love and appreciate the revolutionary movement and how the people advance the national democratic revolution as their own struggle.”
According to the spokesperson, it will be more difficult for Duterte now to display his recognition of the revolutionary movement.
“His outspoken priority to resume peace negotiations and release political prisoners naturally does not sit well with rabid anti-Communist, anti-people individuals and groups. But Duterte is a force of his own. We expect him to act according to his principles and not merely to appease the militarists.”
Moncontad said in 2002, Duterte slammed the US government when it arranged the escape of its intelligence agent after the agent accidentally detonated a bomb in his hotel room leading to his exposure.
Duterte reportedly opposed the US plans to set up the base of drone operations in an airport in Davao.
Also, the president-elect reportedly condemned Noynoy Aquino’s Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).
“He is critical of US’ intervention in Philippine affairs and that is to his advantage. To cement this, he has to assert Philippine sovereignty by discontinuing the EDCA and all forms of military intervention.”
The CPP, has reportedly tendered mutual ceasefire to expedite the peace process and recognized that returning to the negotiating table will benefit the Filipino people, especially since the next agenda is the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms.
“As for economic policies, it is crucial that Duterte sweep away all traces of neoliberalism. This is the cause of poverty and crime, the focus of Duterte’s program of action. For almost half a century now, this imperialist scheme for profit and power has caused unending poverty and anxiety to the Ifugao people. It is the country’s greatest hindrance to economic development.”


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