DILG slated to relieve corrupt, druggie bocaps

>> Monday, September 26, 2016

The Dept. of Interior and Local Government is set to formally relieve all barangay officials who are involved in illegal drug operations and corrupt practices.
“We are preparing for that. Actually, we are now asking our people, especially the PNP, to submit to us who are the barangay captains that are involved in drugs,” said DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno in Manila,
He added they are now are now waiting for the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte to formally relieve all barangay officials involved such.
Sueno said they have asked the Philippine National Police to submit  names of implicated officials in preparation for the possible replacement.
“In just few days or few weeks, perhaps we will receive these reports from the field to have a list of barangay captains who are involved in drugs. Not only drugs but also corruption,” Sueno said.”
Such officials who have unscrupulous record would be replaced especially if the barangay elections would be cancelled.
Though at least 20.51% of 42,065 barangays in the entire country is affected by illegal drugs, Sueno said there are still remaining honest barangay officials that’s why they will still wait for PNP’s list.
        Meanwhile, the DILG also confirmed governors from various provinces are looking for ways to rehabilitate surrendered drug users.

This is through community interventions just like outreach rehab, counseling and meditation with the help of LGUs, churches and other experts


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