La Union mayor on drugs list fears for life, denies allegation

>> Wednesday, September 28, 2016

By Erwin G. Beleo

NAGUILLAN, La Union — Mayor Reynaldo “Bobot” Flores, who was tagged by President  Duterte last week as high value target in the administration’s campaign against the illegal drugs trade, expressed fears for his and his family’s safety together with his family.
Flores said he was caught by surprise after a validated list of so called  narco-politicians was released anew and claimed that  there is already an ongoing investigation of his case by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the Philippine National Police.
“When my name was first mentioned, I complied and went to these agencies and all the while, I thought the investigation is going well but last Saturday, my name was mentioned again out of 1000 ‘narco-politicians and judges and I was the only one being singled out,” Flores said.
Flores denied the accusation of former La Union Second District Rep. Thomas “Butch” Dumpit, Jr., a former military man, linking him to the illegal drugs activity.
The mayor fears that the allegation would complicate the outcome of the investigation after Duterte, in a speech before troops of the 5th Infantry Division in Gamu, Isabela, announced that the cases of the “narco-politicians” and other drug-listed personalities would be under military supervision.
Dumpit and Flores were former political allies but parted ways and Flores campaigned for the former’s opponents.
Meanwhile, in a text message from Dumpit, who was in Manila, said that “Pres. Duterte finally affirmed after validation that Mayor Reynaldo Flores of Naguilian, La Union is not only a shabu lab protector but considered a high value target, meaning, he is also a major player in the drug trade in the province. I advise him to help the government and tell what he knows especially the big fish.”
The Philippine National Police’s (PNP) anti – illegal drugs campaign is getting positive response and cooperation from residents of Santiago, Ilocos Sur.
“Our town has become so peaceful after the police launched Operation Tokhang, making the hundreds of drug users and even pushers surrender out of fear perhaps,” said Mayor Josefino “Boy” Miranda.
Miranda admitted that he himself was shocked to learn that more than 300 of his constituents surrendered to authorities after the police started its crackdown on illegal drugs.
Sr. Insp. James Calibuso, Santiago chief of police, reported that 319 surrendered voluntarily while one death was reported in a legitimate operation and another one was killed by unidentified armed men.
“We are going down to the barangay level asking people to avoid using illegal drugs and knock on their doors gently to inform them about the evil effects of using illegal drugs,” Calibuso said.
In La Union, police chief  Silverio Ordinado Jr said drug Albrando Palbusay, 40 was shot dead by the police  after he engaged the authrotieis to a shootout in Barangay Upper San Agustin in Bauang.
In Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, two suspected pushers were killed in an encounter after they chose to engage police officers to a gun battle after a buy-bust operation in Barangay Daan Sarile early Tuesday morning.
Supt. Ponciano Zafra identified the slain drug personalities as Angelito Quaimbao and Ariel Malabuyoc.
“Quiambao is a long time drug dealer in our Watchlist of Drug Personalities who surrendered in this station last July but remained involved in illegal drugs in this city” said Zafra.
Zafra, who led the buy-bust operation, said that the bloody encounter happened when Quaimbao and Malabuyoc pulled out their guns opened fire after sensing that they were dealing with a group of police officers.


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