Modern family planning not in among 50% Cordillerans

>> Thursday, September 22, 2016

By Dexter A. See 

BAGUIO CITY – The Cordillera Population Commission disclosed 50 percent of Cordillerans do not accept modern family planning because of wrong perception on  side effects of contraceptives to users’ heath.
Rose Fortaleza, PopCom regional director, said pills were the most common form of artificial contraceptives used by females in the region while no-scalpel vasectomy among males was the most unpopular form of birth control method among the region’s population.
“We do not advocate for the use of any particular form of birth control method but we give the couples the choice on what to use,” Fortaleza said.
Aside from pills, she said among the commonly used contraceptives by women were the intrauterine device (IUD) and ligation.
Fortaleza said the PopCom  is enhancing its information and education campaign on adolescent reproductive health, sex education and family planning to increase the awareness of people on the need to practice various forms of family planning methods as part of establishing a healthy community.
According to her, there is a need to increase the awareness of the youth on reproductive health and family planning to make them aware on their important role in establishing a modest and healthy community that is vital in keeping the progress of their localities.
She added family planning advocates are optimistic that more Cordillerans will embrace modern family planning methods for the health of mother and children who will grow to become productive citizens of the community.
The PopCom is partnering with barangays, schools and civil society organizations to increase acceptability of various methods of family planning and ensure modern family planning methods are safe for health of users.
Fortaleza said major reason cited by women using artificial contraceptives was side effects of pills to their health.

She urged the public to visit their nearest health facilities and learn about different family planning methods and select what is most applicable to them.


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