25 isolated due to rabies in Bangar

>> Monday, October 24, 2016

BANGAR, La Union – The municipal government ordered the isolation of five persons who were bitten by a dog and 20 others suspected to be infected with rabies here last week.
Mayor George Pinzon said a stray puppy bit a four-year-old kid Monday and attacked four other men who tried to restrain the animal.
The puppy died a few days later.
Pinzon said the kid tested positive for rabies when examined at an animal disease diagnosis laboratory in Baguio City on Monday.
“We were alarmed on this incident because rabies is deadly. I ordered our health office to control it,” Pinzon said.
The four will be taken to the Animal Bite Center in Bacnotan for vaccination, along with 20 others who were their drinking buddies.
They allegedly used a single glass during a drinking session after the incident. – Jun Elias      


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