Baguilat slams plan to show alleged De Lima sex video

>> Friday, October 7, 2016

IFUGAO Rep. Teddy Brawner Baguilat has slammed plans of the House majority to show the alleged sex tape involving Senator Leila de Lima during the hearing purportedly in aid of legislation to address the proliferation of drugs in Philippine prisons.
Baguilat said there was danger that the showing of the alleged video would be the current Congress’ “most infamous folly” as it would serve no legislative end, not to mention that there is no determination that the video is even authentic.
         "The only clear purpose of the showing is to humiliate Senator de Lima. We owe it to our people to conduct our public hearings according to the highest standards of proper behaviour. We need to be bound by guidelines of decorum and decency, and showing the video will violate those standards," said Baguilat.
Baguilat reiterated his stand that the courts are the proper venue for trying de Lima for alleged ties to drug lords.
          “If the administration is so sure that de Lima is involved in drugs and the alleged drug trade at the Bilibid, then the Executive should just file the proper charges in court. There, we have the mechanisms to make sure that her innocence is protected or her guilt proven," he said.
 "It is not Congress's job to prosecute these cases, and Congress should not allow itself to be a venue for trial by publicity to cover up for the Executive's inability to get a proper case to court," Baguilat said.
 Baguilat said that the mere showing of the alleged sex video violates de Lima's privacy and her right to due process. "Insisting on this exercise only wastes the people's money and causes Congress to violate the Constitution," Baguilat said. “Women and our other rights activists should speak out and be offended by this plan that will reduce the proceedings to a mere spectacle. It is unjust, unethical and a violation of laws," said Baguilat.
            “The bottom line here is that no legislation related to stopping the alleged proliferation of drugs at the Bilibid will come out of that video showing.
As stated by the Speaker, the purpose is to find the link between de Lima and her driver/bodyguard. If so, then I repeat that the proper forum for that is the courts," Baguilat said.

 "Congress should have better things to do with its time than waste the people's money and satisfy vile interests," Baguilat added.


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