Domogan pushes closure of Camp 7 batching plant

>> Thursday, October 13, 2016

By Dexter A. See 

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan ordered concerned departments of the local government to conduct a joint investigation on the environment and health hazards posed by operation of the controversial Camp 7 cement batching plant to justify the closure of the plant.
He said there is also a need for investigators to look into the encroachments made by the plant to the portion of the river easement in the area.
Domogan told department heads  he had been receiving numerous complaints from neighbors of the batching plant on nuisance caused by the facility, thus, the need for the local government to find other reasons on how to justify its closure.           
“While it is true that the court declared the anti-batching plant ordinance as unconstitutional and that the case is still pending appeal before the Court of Appeals, there are other justifications that we could use to close the operation of the power plant and address the concerns of the people living near the plant,” Domogan stressed.
 The City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting operation of cement batching plants within the city because of hazards that the plant poses to the health of the people and state of the environment but a local court declared the legislative measure unconstitutional.
Domogan instructed personnel of the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO), City Building and Architecture Office (CBAO), City Health Services Office, City Permits and Licensing Division and the Baguio City Police Office to check on the compliance of the operator of the cement batching plant to existing rules and regulations in relation to health and environment hazards as well as business, building and occupancy permits.
According to him, concerned offices must make appropriate recommendations to guide authorities in their future actions to close the operation of the cement batching plant since it had been the subject of numerous complaints that must be given primordial actin by the local government.
Concerned residents living near the cement batching plant claimed dust coming from the plant resulted to their acquiring upper respiratory tract infection while the noise emanating from the plant disturbs the peaceful situation in the area that have resulted to their suffering from sleepless nights and anxiety.
Domogan said it is high time the local government through the concerned offices take action on legitimate concerns being brought to their attention by the local residents to send a clear message to violators that the city is in control of the situation.
He appealed to affected residents to support their complaint against the continuous operation of the batching plant so there will be sufficient basis for concerned departments to make recommendation for closure of the batching plant owned by a wealthy Chinese businessman.


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