No smoking law set in La Trinidad; smokers to be fined

>> Monday, October 24, 2016

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – This capital town is set to fully implement anti–smoking law to be enforced by the Smoking Control Enforcement Unit.
Mayor Romeo Salda in a recent administrative order re-organized the town’s SCEU to plan tobacco control measures as and conduct educational awareness campaigns.
Salda said the ordinance was passed to regulate smoking, selling, distribution and advertisement of tobacco products and imposing penalty for violation of the ordinance.
The SCEU will be under La Trinidad’s Tobacco Control Board chaired by the mayor with Municipal Health Officer Dr. Editha Francisco as co-chair.
Vice Mayor Jovencio Marrero and Medical Office III Dr. Genevieve Wagang-Degay will co-chair the board while representatives from line agencies in the municipality are members.
Members of the Tobacco Control Board may recommend relevant policies, assign hotlines, endorse updated programs, promote activities, publicize awareness campaigns, facilitate monitoring, and evaluate reported violations and its penalties for local legislation.
SCEU will implement and enforce compliance of the ordinance, preparation of detailed procedures for apprehensions, receive and review reports including processing pertinent documents and complaints for violators, prepare official file and provide further assistance to the board.
The ordinance prohibits smoking in public places including selling, distributing, or promoting tobacco products to minors.
Tobacco advertising except inside the premises of an authorized/licensed retail establishment, selling within the 100-meter perimeter of the school, playground or facility frequented by minors and others are also punishable under the ordinance.
Any establishment which fails to comply can be fined P1,500 for the first offense,P2,000 for the second offense, P2,500 for the third and subsequent offenses or imprisonment or a period of not exceeding one year or both at the discretion of the court.
A government employee or official violating the law will also pay applicable amount of penalties and will be dealt with administrative sanctions.
Fines and suspension or revocation of franchise or license to operate and immediate closure will also be imposed to erring establishments.

Business establishments are also required to designate a smoking area.


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