Former rebels’ livelihood projects to be monitored

>> Wednesday, November 9, 2016

By Peter A. Balocnit

TABUK CITY, Kalinga- - The Comprehensive Local Integration Program Committee (CLIPC) here will monitor progress of livelihood assistance awarded to former rebels.
They also agreed to establish internal policies to hasten processing and release of immediate assistance and other benefits including creation of a data base to avoid duplication of applicants availing of benefits.
Six former rebels were assisted from January to June this year.
Two were awarded their cash assistance during the committee’s  September 27 meeting.
One  former rebel was given P97,000 check assistance representing immediate assistance of P15,000, another  P50,000 for pig raising livelihood and P32,000 as remuneration of his surrendered M16 Armalite rifle.
Payment of another Garand rifle he surrendered was not yet released.
The other FR received P65, 000 representing P15, 000.00 immediate assistance and P50, 000  livelihood assistance to raise pigs.
He did not surrender any firearm.
Acting Gov. James Edduba said the provincial LGU puts peace and order as its priority in its development thrusts in support to Pres. Duterte’s campaign to resolve internal conflicts, illegal drugs, graft and corruption.
He assured the province’s financial support to sustain the CLIP and the forging of memorandum of agreement between stakeholders of CLIP to pool their resources for the upliftment of former rebels’ lives them not to return back to the mountains.


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