Cordi LGUs set programs for illegal drug surrenderees

>> Thursday, December 15, 2016

CORDILLERA  local government units, government agencies and concerned groups are  getting now involved in  helping  drug personalities who have surrendered to  reform  and become better citizens. 
In Danglas, Abra , the local government put up outpatient rehabilitation program for surrenderees.  
This involves lectures, spiritual nourishment, economic and livelihood seminars, sports, and a meet and greet with the local officials.  
In Baguio, a community-based rehabilitation program under the Serenity In-the-Steps Rehabilitation Group was tapped to help dependents who were not referred to rehabilitation centers. It consists of 90 meetings with the following topics; psycho-education, feelings processing communication skills, skills training, and multi-family therapy and counseling.
In Ifugao, the provincial government and the Provincial Police Office initiated the creation of a reflection camp for surrenderees. The camp offers services like capability building, medical assistance including drug test, counseling/psychosocial intervention, referral, temporary confinement.
In Benguet province, a clean-up drive, repair and improvement, spiritual formations, tree planting and livelihood  training given by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority  such as welding   are  being done as part of the rehabilitation program.
Senior Supt. Angelito Casimiro, deputy regional director for operations reported a total of 9,289 drug personalities were accounted for from  July 1 to Oct. 25.

The police visited 8,821 drug personalities regionwide in their “Oplan Tokhang” operations. -- Joseph B. Zambrano


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