Kadaclan on high value crops

>> Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dionie Chungalan

BARLIG, Mountain Province – Personnel from the Dept. of Agriculture travelled to Kadaclan here recently, a village 58 km from Bontoc to boost heirloom rice production in bid to alleviate poverty.
Gerardo Banawa, a staff from DA-Cordillera Administrative Region with Jovy Camso and Letty Dacawi, OPAG-Bontoc conducted 2-day training -- one in Kadaclan and another at Purag-Banao, an adjacent barangay of Natonin being a part of Kadaclan ancestral domain as approved by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples.
Kadaclan trainees of 50 farmers attended a field teaching demonstration on natural farming system for heirloom rice. In Banao, 30 farmers attended an enhancement course on heirloom rice production and native way of farm management like organic processing.
The DA training showcased the use of organic fertilizers and fermented products. It also aimed to create awareness of heirloom rice in its conservation, promotion, and consumption for healthy long life. It was shared careful storage and good temperature made the rice more nutritious, aromatic that ensured quality value.
To meet the demand of foreign consumers like Montana, USA and Canada and local customers, a P3 million heirloom threshing and storage building was constructed by the DA in Kadaclan catering tons of “Ominio Rice Harvest” for export.
Vicky Garcia, nongovernment organization proponent and advocate in heirloom rice requested that Cordillera b made showcase of heirloom rice. She was then motivated by a US Peace Corps volunteer who was assigned in Kalinga years back. Garcia inspired the late Barlig Mayor Donald Alubia to establish the Kadaclan Heirloom Rice Organization.
It soon led to the creation of Mountain Province Heirloom Rice Agricultural Farmers Cooperative.
‘Bauko Mayor Abraham Akilit, was instrumental in including Mountain Province as a heirloom rice producer,” Banawa said. “
DA Secretary Pinol had lessened the budget of ordinary rice production to increase budget on the production of heirloom rice, as a high value crops for export,” Banawa said.
This makes Kadaclan an agri-tourism destination in addition to eco-tourism beauties where visitors repeatedly visit. The natural beauty of Kadaklan had captivated former President Gloria Arroyo during a presidential visit in 2001.


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