Kalinga tribal heads air support vs drugs

>> Tuesday, January 3, 2017

By Peter A. Balocnit

CITY OF TABUK, Kalinga - - Peacepact holders in the province agreed to adapt in their respective “pagtas” (constitution and by-laws)   two provision to sustain peace and order.
Adopted during a recent “bodong” (peacepact) summit  were prohibition of  sale and use of illegal drugs by their people  in their areas of jurisdiction and penalizing violators thereof, and affirming  the policy on “no automatic severance of peacepact during conflicts” but to give way for peaceful settlement or seek grievance through the courts.
Bodong is a bilateral peacepact between two sub-tribes in Kalinga with its own define territory (bugis), subjects, constitution and bylaws, and a peacepact holder. A set of agreements between two sub tribes are laid down for peaceful co-existence.
The more than 1,000 participants to the summit held Dec. 9 at the Kalinga Sports Center reiterated to institutionalize in government peace and order functionaries this customary practice of maintaining harmonious relationship between sub-tribes.
In the provincial government, the Kalinga Bodong Council is a mandated member of the Provincial Peace and Order Council with the former giving assistance to peacepact holders celebrating the pact or warming up existing ones.

Gov. Jocel Baac assured to make the summit an annual activity urging communities practicing the custom to warm up their relationships and strengthen their role as a support mechanism in settling disputes. 


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