Jueteng on in Luzon despite DU30 order

>> Friday, February 24, 2017

BAGUIO CITY – Jueteng operations are still on here as in other parts of Northern and Central Luzon despite President Duterte’s issuance of Executive Order 13 directing the Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies to intensify the government’s campaign against illegal gambling.
In Pampanga, Arayat town police arrested Tuesday Junmar Dizon in Barangay Bitas. Dizon is said to be a cabo (supervisor) of jueteng bet collectors.
In Tarlac province, the Bamban town police arrested Danilo Manalo, who was among those found playing sakla, an illegal cards game, in Barangay Virgen de los Remedios.
The other bettors were able to escape when they sensed the approaching policemen.
At least P750 in bet money, a playing board, a set of Spanish cards and a marker were taken as evidence.
The San Jose del Monte police also conducted their own anti-illegal gambling drive and arrested Joshua Zarcilla, Jay Peralta, Tommy Gaulala, Rouando Booc and Edgardo Manaligod Jr. for playing cara cruz, an illegal coins game, in Barangay Gaya-gaya.
“The PNP is hereby declaring war against illegal gambling,” PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa said in a press conference in Camp Crame on Monday.
Police in the regions will conduct “one-time-big-time” operations to make their areas of jurisdiction free of illegal gambling, said Dela Rosa.
“The Philippine National Police will continue to hit hard on all forms of illegal gambling activities in line with Executive Order No. 13 issued by President Rodrigo R Duterte,” Dela Rosa said in a prepared statement.
EO 13 directed the PNP, NBI and other law enforcement agencies to intensify the national campaign against illegal gambling in coordination with the Dept. of Justice, Department of Interior and Local Government and Department of Information and Communications Technology.
The presidential order also directs law enforcement agencies concerned to “coordinate and promptly act on requests of gambling regulatory authorities to investigate and put a stop to illegal gambling activities in their respective jurisdictions,” according to Dela Rosa.
The police chief said the PNP’s Directorate for Operations was preparing a new campaign plan against illegal gambling, including illegal online gambling operations.
Dela Rosa warned that the police would be unforgiving against governors, mayors and other local chief executives who will be resisting the crackdown on illegal gambling, especially in the provinces.
“Gigyerahin natin sila kung matigas ang ulo nila. Kasama sila kung haharangin nila ‘yung anti-llegal gambling campaign (We will wage a war against them if they are hardheaded. They will be included if they would block the anti-llegal gambling campaign),” Dela Rosa, referring to the politicians, said Monday’s press conference at Camp Crame.
Dela Rosa said that no killings will be made because players in the gambling industry, unlike in the drug trade, are “in their right mind.”
“Hindi bloody kasi hindi naman sira-ulo ‘yung mga end players ng gambling, unlike sa drugs na wala sa tamang pag-iisip. Kaya nagkakaroon ng patayan dahil pumapatay nga sila kahit hindi sila threatened. Ito naman mga illegal gambling pera pera lang ito. Hindi ito kailangan magbuwis ng buhay,” he said.
(It won’t be bloody because end players of gambling are in their right mind, unlike those involved in drugs who are not in their right mind. There killings because involved in drugs kill even without being threatened. With illegal gambling, it only involves money. No life is needed to be sacrificed.)
Even before President Duterte issued  EO 13, Dela Rosa said they have already identified the high-value targets and gambling financiers in the business.
He said police will dismantle all forms of illegal gambling, adding that illicit lotteries are “more widespread” than drugs.
“Mas widespread yang gambling kaysa sa drugs. Kung ang drugs, 92 percent ng barangays ay drug affected baka 100 percent ‘yung illegal gambling affected (Gambling is more widespread compared to drugs. If 92 percent of villages are affected by drugs, perhaps 100 percent of villages are affected by illegal gambling),” Dela Rosa said.
The PNP will concentrate on stamping out the illegal numbers game, including jueteng, he added.
In his earlier statement, the PNP chief noted the importance of weeding out illegal gambling activities because “if left unchecked, it breeds corruption and may mutate into other forms of organized crime, including drug-trafficking, illegal vices, money-laundering and kidnapping.”


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