Ifugao town bans half-naked men in public places

>> Thursday, March 23, 2017

By Marcelo B. Lihgawon

LAMUT, Ifugao -- Going out half-naked or shirtless  in public places in this municipality is now prohibited with the approved “Anti-Ussub” (naked) ordinance.
Lamut, as the gateway municipality of the province, must set an example of orderliness, propriety and decency, local officials said in an ordinance they recently approved.
“The Sangguniang Bayan recognizes the need to bring about an atmosphere of decency to uphold higher morals and standards among the residents of the municipality. It has been observed that some people still roam around in public places oftentimes  shirtless or half-naked.
“It shall be unlawful for a half-naked or topless individual to drive any motorized or mechanical mode of transportation; walk or roam around national highway, enter offices and in attending or during public/social gatherings or programs except during cultural, government activities and traditional practices involving the wearing of the native attire,” the local law said.
Any person apprehended for violating the ordinance shall be penalized  P500 or undergo eight hours community service.
A penalty of P1,000 was set for for  second offense and P1,500  for third violation or imprisonment of not more than 10 days upon discretion of the court or both.


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