Impeaching the President

>> Thursday, March 23, 2017


The filing of impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte in Congress is a move which should be welcomed as it would clear the air and provide a venue where allegations against the President would be discussed – never mind if according to pundits, it would be put in the trash can considering majority of congressmen are allied with the President. 
Magdalo Party-list which filed the complaint accused the President of treason, betrayal of trust, bribery, graft and corruption, high crime and culpable violation of the Constitution.
Malacanang denied the allegations saying there was no evidence for him to be ousted. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the turn of events, including the impeachment complaint filed on Thursday against the President, seems to have been coordinated and part of a larger scheme to topple the administration.
“Well, it just seems rather dramatic that everything seems to be so coordinated at this stage with acts of trying to discredit the administration and trying to throw doubt,” he said.
According to Abella, the criticisms of Vice President Leni Robredo against the anti-drug war of the Duterte administration in the international engagement through the United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs, cannot be considered coincidental.
For his part, Magdalo Party-list Rep. Gary Alejano denies plotting a destabilization against the Duterte administration with his filing of an impeachment complaint.
Alejano said it should be clear that if one criticizes policies of government, that is not necessarily destabilization. Meanwhile, Following these events, MalacaƱang urged the public to just focus on nation building and not be affected by the “noises” of the opposition.
 “There’s so much noise coming from the circles, outside circles. It just shows a sign of lack of unity and stuff like that but it will all help us if we just bear the brunt together. I think we should just grow up,” Abella said.
Abella said he believes President Duterte will let his allies in Congress decide on their own and will not manipulate them regarding the impeachment issue.
Well and good. This will allow all parties to ventilate their sides of the issues for perusal of the public.


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