Tadian festival highlights ricefields, hunting grounds

>> Sunday, March 5, 2017

By Aldwin Quitasol

TADIAN, Mountain Province -- Giving tribute to their source of staple food, the indigenous peoples here are highlighting rice fields of this town during their 9th “Ayyoweng di lambak ed Tadian” (The harmony of festivities in Tadian) featuring different agricultural products.
The theme of this year’s celebration is : “Payew, Puon di agyod ay kaugalian, laing ya pammati ken Kabunyan, baked di simbayan” (Ricefield, source of our good customs, traditions, wisdom and faith in God, our strength as a people).
The festival started Friday and will end March 5.
On Feb. 24, elders led traditional Id-idew or a ritual to seek good omen and asking protections from any bad luck and send away negativism to make the festivities successful.
This was held at Binangi  grounds or the Tadian traditional house  located in front of the Tadian municipal building.
Parts of the festival are boating and fishing using traditional methods, mountain trekking at Mt. Mogao and Mt. Ngadangad and camping at the said areas on Feb. 25 to 26.
On March 1 to 5, a “hunting season” will be featured where participants will literally hunt animals like pigs that will be left astray in selected “hunting grounds”.
There will also be a trail hiking at Mt. Ngadangad. On March 2, municipal government officials will lead opening of agro-industrial fair where indigenous agri-products will be featured by the farmers from the different barangays of Tadian.
During “Ayyoweng” Proper, participants from the different barangays of Tadian will feature their dancing skills in the street dancing parade on March 4. At the program proper, a “Tukab di Koob” or the opening ritual where the elders will ask for the blessings from Kabunyan or God and giving tribute to the gifts of mother earth to the people. This will be followed by a synchronized “Takik” (traditional dance) participated in by all people in program area.
In the afternoon, government officials and the public will test their skills in the “Bahagketball” or their version of basketball while they are garbed with their traditional attires especially G-strings.
The women will play volleyball wearing their Gabey and Lamma or the traditional attire for women.
The program will be graced by the Tourism  Undersecretary Falconi V. Millar. According to Tadian Mayor Anthony Wooden, the municipality has no special attractions like caves and cold temperatures compared to the other famous tourist spots in the Cordillera but they can feature the best from the cultures of Tadian people nurtured by their ancestors.

On March 5, elders will close the festivities with a “salibongbong” or a ritual with closing prayers followed by “dalus or Giwaday” where the community members as well as the visitors will be blessed while they go to their respective homes.


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