‘Carrot Man’ graces Barlig Menaliyam fest

>> Saturday, April 29, 2017

By Dionie Chungalan

BARLIG, Mt. Province – Internet sensation Jerick Sigmaton, known as “Carrot Man,” and native of Barangay Kadaclan here graced this town’s Menaliyam Festival last week.
After the Mountain Province Lang-ay Festival in Bontoc, visitors flocked to Kadaclan, a village 58 km away from the capital town to witness the Menaliyam Festival’s 15th year since it was started with this year’s edition full of eco-tourism surprises and adventures.
Held April 17-20, the theme was “Promoting culture of peace via sports encounter.”
Foundation day activities were highlighted by cultural and ethnic showdown on the fourth day.
Last year, 23 foreign visitors from various countries added to domestic tourists as crowd-drawer to this tribal affair.
First celebrated in 2003, with this writer as forerunner, he was assisted by elders, officials and teachers to advocate indigenous knowledge, skills and practices integrated in Kadaclan schools’ courses of study.
Theme that time was “Indigenization of school curriculum.”
With this humble beginning, it awakened community folks to be proud of their cultural heritage.
Over the years, sustainability of the festival and celebration came from shared resources of local officials of the place.
Some grants were also released by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.
Answering to call of assistance were Kadaclan natives employed abroad who sponsored series of events.
Unexpectedly, Menaliyam Festival catapulted into a “must attend” for people who are nature lovers.
Interested visitors who intend to explore Kadaclan’s beauty spots, waterfalls, rice paddies and burial cave are advised to inquire at Kadaclan Homestay so they could avail of tour guides.
For this year’s edition, “Carrot Man” Sigmaton brought Archie Nabus and Job Tayaban who sponsored him on a trip to London.
Chee-nee de Guzman and Edwina Bandong, who discovered Jerick in Bauko that made him a sensation earlier aired their intent to join festivities.
Ambit Singlot, is now making a book about the “Carrot Man.”
The festival was participated by Kadaclan Ancestral Domain barangays namely: Chupac, Kaleo, Lunas, Ogo-ong (Barlig), and Banao in Natonin.
Presentations included portrayals of different cultural practices through music and re-enacting primitive lifestyles of villagers.

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