Kagawad arrested for selling shabu

>> Monday, May 22, 2017

By Nelson Bolos

CONCEPTION, Tarlac – A barangay councilman was nabbed selling shabu to a policeman poseur buyer here at Barangay Green Village Tuesday morning.
Supt Luis Ventura Jr. identified the apprehended village official as Noel Sanchez, 37, of Barangay Sta. Rita, here, together with Gerardo Lacson, 48, of Barangay Green Village.
Ventura disclosed Sanchez previously surrendered to police last year but apparently, he did not stop using illegal drugs and even turned into a pusher.
He submitted “negative drug test result” but police believe it was a fake drug test.
Sanchez was the second barangay official arrested for involvement in illegal drugs. Months ago, Barangay Kagawad Gil Pascua, also Barangay Sta. Rita, was also nabbed in buy-bust operation.
It was Pascua who told police that his supplier of shabu was Sanchez.
“At first, we made a ‘test-buy’ on Sanchez which turned out positive, hence, we planned an elaborate entrapment operation where he was busted for selling a sachet of shabu in Barangay Green Village”, said Ventura.   
Another sachet of methamphetamine hydrochloride was also recovered from Sanchez’s pocket.
Mayor Andy Lacson said, “I do not and have never condoned illegal drugs and I have never tried using it. Let the law takes its course on what he did. As elected public officials, we should be models to our constituents. What he did is not only wrong but a crime.” 
Since Ventura assumed as town police chief last month, a total of 34 drug personalities were arrested.
Sanchez tested positive of drug use and he was charged for violation of Section 5 of RA 9165 (peddling of illegal drugs), a non-bailable offense.

This town has no record of deaths under investigation or unsolved killings of persons involved in illegal drugs.


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