Father rapes 8-year-old daughter, sodomizes son

>> Thursday, June 8, 2017

By Nelson Bolos

CONCEPTION, Tarlac – A 57-year-old man was tagged by a police officer as “ devil reincarnate” for allegedly raping his eight-year-old daughter and sodomizing his son.
Supt Luis Ventura Jr., in a report to Tarlac police director Senior Supt. Ritchie Posadas, Ventura identified the suspect as Alberto “Loy” N. Lansanganoy, here of Barangay Corazon De Jesus.
Lansangan’s  abuse of his children” came out when his youngest daughter Mary Jane was accompanied by her maternal aunt Richell de  Menese to the police station.
Mary Jane told police investigators she was repeatedly raped by her own father, and the number of times she was abused was beyond her fingers (more than 10 times).
Mary Jane, police said, seemed to be in “state of traumatic shock.” Medical examination revealed she had multiple lacerations in her vagina.
 According to her aunt Menese, the young tot, who stopped her prep-schooling, also told her how her eldest brother, 13-year of “Ireneo”, was also sexually abused by their father.
Mary Jane described how their father “sodomized” Ireneo. “Pinapasok niya titi niya sa puwet ng kuya ko,” said Mary Jane.
“The narration of Mary Jane is very natural and very naively truthful, that’s why we arrested Langsangan. If he is not insane, he must be a reincarnation of the devil. Over what he allegedly did to his children, Langsangan may do harm to others if allowed to roam around,” Ventura said.
Mary Jane’s mother “Lucila”, though present during the police investigation, refused to utter any word on her children’s allegations of sexual abuse by their father.
 Lucila, however, said Lansangan always physically beats him if she fails to bring food to him.
 “Binubugbog niya ako kung wala akong dalang pagkain”, Lucila said describing her jobless husband who is said to be into drugs.   


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