KSU sets free tuition for Kalinga students

>> Friday, June 16, 2017

CITY OF TABUK, Kalinga -- The  Kalinga State University (KSU) has set free tuition fee program for school year 2017-2018 to  help poor but deserving students finish their college education.
KSU president Eduardo T. Bagtang informed the move is under a Commission on Higher Education guideline sent to KSU recently.
Under the guideline, priority beneficiaries of the program are graduating college students with only one semester left. Next are those with two semesters left then Pantawid students and those  who will qualify under the income bracket set.
Bagtang  said  beneficiaries with existing educational grant of less than P15,000 per semester are qualified under the program.
Interested applicants are urged to register early in June to determine the ranking in the priorities.
Bagtang disclosed there is no definite number of student-beneficiaries to be accommodated but this depends on the amount of grant to be released by CHED for the program this year.   
KSU enrolment starts in June  while classes for the first semester open in August.  -- PIA Kalinga


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