Multi-level building eyed for gov’t parking; city hall area for visitors

>> Thursday, June 22, 2017

By Dexter A. See

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan directed offices of the local government to study possibility of utilizing a vacant lot for construction of a multi-storey building for parking and to accommodate  other offices of the city government.
The mayor said the existing city hall building is overcrowded and there is no available space for expansion that is why the local government must take back the 1,500 square meter vacant lot near the Baguio fire department to build the proposed multi-storey structure.
 “There is no more available space within the city hall premises where we could construct structures to accommodate expansion of offices. We have to look for other alternative properties of the local government within the vicinity of city hall where we could build a multi-storey structure primarily for parking and other government needs in the future,” Domogan said.
He said the local government ceded the 1,500-square meter property near the Baguio fire department to the Registry of Deeds for the construction of its building but the project never pushed through for still unknown reasons.
Aside from the construction of a multi-level parking building in the vacant lot, Domogan said part of the structure that will be built will be used as extension offices of other local government offices to make sure that services are effectively and efficiently delivered to residents and visitors.
He ordered the City Buildings and Architecture Office to include in project plans and specifications the construction of a bridge that will connect the multi-storey structure and the main city hall building to allow for the smooth transactions to be done in the different government offices that may be located in separate structures within the city hall compound.
He added once the building will be completed, the city government will have a parking area for government vehicles and the current city hall parking area could be used by people who are transacting business with  offices.
 According to him, since the Registry of Deeds has not utilized the areas for its prescribed purpose the city will take it back as it now as the city needs additional structures that could be maximized for expansion of other offices and primarily for parking of government and private vehicles to reduce the overcrowding of motor vehicles within the city hall premises during peak business hours.
 He said rapid increase in motor vehicles and individuals transacting business is inevitable so it is important for the city government to respond to the situation to support officials and employees effectively and efficiently delivering quality service. -- Dexter A. See


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