TRIBUTE to Rep. Maximo Dalog Sr.

>> Thursday, June 22, 2017

By Angel Baybay

(Angel Baybay is former provincial information officer during the term of former Gov. Maximo Dalog Sr and currently executive assistant to the Office of the Provincial Governor. This tribute was read during the wake of Congressman  Dalog at the provincial capitol grounds June 6 in Bontoc, Mountain Province) 
We are here to pay tribute not to a political figure. Rather, we are here to pay respect to a leader, friend, and father.
Governor Maximo Dalog is one of the inimitable leaders our province ever had. For almost two decades of service as governor then later on as congressman, he exemplified unique leadership qualities. He was  a visionary, manager, and a result oriented leader.
 As a visionary, he conceptualized the  vision of a “Gawis ay Mountain Province” which could be realized through an eight-pronged program of government popularly known as “PRESTIGE”. This vision became the rallying point of his administration. In his passion to implement programs and activities towards this vision, he earned monikers – monikers that stink like a toilet. But despite this, he never gave up.  Guided by his program of government, the Provincial Peace and Order Council of Mountain Province was chosen as the best in the country for six successive years qualifying it to the Hall of Fame Award. The province was likewise a consistent national finalist in the search for the cleanest and greenest province.
 His ability as a manager is undebatable.  Under his watch, he organized the provincial workforce into a dynamic machinery ready to serve the clients.  
He is a result oriented leader. He may had been strict in imposing timeliness and other disciplinary measures but what counts big at the end of the day is the output.  He would call you at a time you least expect it and ask for updates or how far you have gone on your assigned task.
 Governor Dalog is a true friend. Behind his seemingly intimidating demeanor is a soul whom you could trust and depend on. His being straightforward had been misread as being insensitive but mind you, if a friend will tell you what you want to hear, only a true friend will tell you when your face is dirty.
 Aside from being a model father to his children, Governor Dalog had also been a real father to the provincial government family. Through all his years with us, he supported us build our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. He also taught us not to be afraid but to learn from our mistakes.  More than these however, he taught us the value of leadership by example.
Truly, to the employees of the provincial government, you were and will still remain to be the leader, the friend, and the father. If we only have our way, we won’t let you go.  We cannot do anything though because  our Ultimate Redeemer sounded his call. 
To the family, we thank you for sharing to us a great leader.

 To our leader, friend, and father we thank you for spending your most productive years with us. And now, on your journey to the life beyond, we will not say goodbye because when our time comes we will see each other again. We can only say farewell, till we meet again. 


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