135 ‘police scalawags’ back to work in C. Luzon

>> Saturday, July 29, 2017

By Mar T. Supnad

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga – The Philippine National Police  announced 135 erring police officers have finished intensive reformation training to rejoin the force through the Police Regional Office 3 in a bid to rid its ranks of scalawags,
“This is part of our internal cleansing program and I am glad that we have already produced graduates,” Chief Supt. Aaron N. Aquino, PRO3 director, said as he welcomed the return of the 135 reformed PNP members to law enforcement duties.
Aquino said the policemen underwent three months of reformation training, dubbed “PRO3 character and aptitude training reformation and transformation,” on PRO3 parade grounds inside this camp.
The training came after a number of policemen were involved in various criminal activities such as kidnapping, extortion, drug pushing and others, damaging the image of the PNP.
“Our graduates will not go back to their respective police stations but will be reassigned to the Regional Public Safety Battalion,” said Aquino.
He added police officers involved in wrongdoing will not be tolerated and that the program for the internal cleansing of the police organization will not stop until every erring cop has been reformed.

“We will continue to improve the image of the police force in order to achieve our mission of changing the negative public perception on the Philippine National Police to a positive one and be credited, once again, as a highly capable, effective, and credible police force,” he added.


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