Case filed against bocap for nearly killing pupil

>> Tuesday, July 4, 2017

LAMUT, Ifugao – A complaint was filed against a barangay captain here for maltreating and nearly killing a Grade 6 pupil of  Magulon Elementary School over a missing cell phone.   
Police said on Tuesday,  Russel Guhep Adamme, 13, MES pupil with his mother,  Jenelyn reported that on Monday around 10 a.m. at Regimental, Magulon, Russel was allegedly physically abused by Paul Melizas Maligro, 45, Magulon barangay captain.
Investigation disclosed prior to the incident, the victim together with his friends were on a fishpond when the suspect arrived and accused the victim of stealing the cell phone owned by a certain Ben Tagaoc being charged at their house.
The victim denied taking the cell phone but the suspect and whipped and strangled his neck with a rope and pushed him to the fishpond.
While the victim was trying to get out from the pond, the suspect continued to whip him with the rope.
The victim was brought to Panopdopan District Hospital by his mother for medical examination where it was found he had marks of strangulation and abrasion.

Case was referred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Lagawe.


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