DA’s Caranguian to Tabuk City farmers: Put high regard industry

>> Sunday, July 16, 2017

TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- Department of Agriculture Cordillera Regional Director Lorenzo Caranguian urged farmers in the city to develop a new mindset of putting high regard to farming as an industry.
 “As a farmer myself, let us get dignified and not look down on ourselves as lower citizens of the community”, Caranguian told farmers here during the recent celebration of  the  City’s 10th  founding anniversary and 16th Matagoan Festival.
“Without you tilling the land, millions of people will have nothing to eat, this should make you feel important like any other career person,’ he said.
Caranguian said the people of Tabuk are blessed since there is vast area suited for rice production making the place ‘rice granary’ of the region.
He said there are also “developed top rice farmers as evidenced by the constant recognitions in the National Rice Achiever’s Award and third, government is providing strong support through agricultural programs and services.”
Caranguian cited how farmers in other countries earn respect and honor because they belong to the sector that is economically well-off.
With this, he challenged his audience to further improve production and adapt modern technology offered by agencies and institutions.
‘Land alone is not enough unless we practice improved techniques and methods if we want to maximize profit from farming’, he stressed.
I believe there would be great difference when a farmer starts operating as a farm entrepreneur rather than simply as farmer-tiller, he added.
Caranguian while ‘we aim for higher production, let us at the same time protect our environment”.

“Above all, we should not forget God, who is the ultimate provider of our resources, health and strength, and  why we are able to conduct all these  works,” he said. -- PIA Kalinga


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