Kalinga Rep Mangaoang now Mt Province ‘caretaker’ solon

>> Thursday, July 20, 2017

Speaker Alvarez issues designation 

By Erlindo Agwilang, Jr.

BONTOC, Mountain Province -- House Speaker Pantaleon D. Alvarez has designated Kalinga Rep. Allen Jesse C. Mangaoang as Legislative Caretaker of the Lone District of Mountain Province effective July 5 by virtue of HREP Memorandum Order No. 17-94.
Mangaoang was a former vice governor of Kalinga and former mayor of Balbalan town in the province. 
This after the family of the late Maximo B. Dalog requested Alvarez to designate Mangaoang. 
The office became vacant with the death of Dalog who died June 5 at the age of 70. He was serving his third and last term.
Lawyer Cyphrine Maxcel Dalog, chief of staff of Mountain Province’s Congressional Office affirmed it was the family’s prayer that Mangaoang be designated as caretaker citing the following reasons:
Dalog and Mangaoang are both members of the Nacionalista Party and Mangaoang is from Mountain Province, his mother, being a native of Sagada.
She said Mangaoang was aware of Dalog's vision for Mountain Province because as a neophyte representative, the latter had been with him as a mentor and adviser.
“We believe that Congressman Mangaoang personally feels, understands and knows the plight and needs of our province in so far as legislation is concerned because of the aforementioned reasons,” she said.
“This being said and done, we assure that the programs and services as envisioned by Cong. Dalog will advance in favor of the people of Mountain Province especially that of our medical assistance, educational assistance, social services and infrastructure development. In addition, the House measures filed and co-authored by him will be pursued at the House of Representatives and the Senate until such bills will reach their approval into law,” Atty. Dalog added.
With Mangaoang's designation as legislative caretaker, Atty. Dalog urged the people of Mountain Province to unite by setting aside political and personal aspirations, and instead prioritize the province's development. “Let us continue to do what is best for Mountain Province,” she said.
The Speaker has also extended the services of the current plantilla staff of the late Dalog until 2019.
Meanwhile, Rep. Mangaoang has accepted his designation.
In a statement, the Kalinga solon said he was honored to have been designated by Speaker Alvarez as caretaker of Mountain Province. “Together with the staff of the late Congressman Dalog, we will try our best to continue the legislative agenda, plans, program, projects and advocacy of the late congressman for the best interest of Mountain Province so that quoting the late Cong. Dalog, “By the grace of Almighty God, gumawis pay koma nan Mountain Province,” Mangaoang said.
“With this designation, I wish as well to convey my heartfelt thanks to the family of the late Manong Max and the people of Mountain Province for giving me the trust and confidence to become their caretaker,” he furthered.
Representative Mangaoang has also written all local chief executives, heads of offices and line agencies to address all communications, issues and concerns affecting Mountain Province to the undersigned through Atty. Cyphrine Maxcel Y. Dalog at the following addresses: North Wing 219, House of Representatives, Constitutional Hills, Quezon  City, 1126 or Congressional District Office 4th Floor, Provincial Capitol Building, Bontoc, Mountain Province.
With this, the projected special elections to choose a congressman for Mountain Province was put in the back burner as the leadership of the House of Representatives did not declare the post vacant but instead appointed Mangaoang as caretaker congressman.
The Speaker can appoint a caretaker if Congress will not declare a vacancy with the death of its member.
The Commission on Elections can hold a special election not later than 90 days if Congress declares a vacancy. The special election can also be held to coincide with a general election.
It is the second time that a Kalinga lawmaker became the caretaker congressman of Mountain Province.  In 2008, the House named former Kalinga lawmaker Manuel Agyao as caretaker representative after congressman Victor Dominguez died. Agyao served until the elections in May 2010.
 The Commission on Elections earlier said it will need at least P40 million for a special election after Dalog’s death.
Provincial election supervisor Ricardo Lampac told media the P40 million will cover allowances of Comelec officials and personnel and members of the Board of Election Inspectors at the precinct level and Board of Canvassers, transportation, allowances of the police and military, election supplies and paraphernalia.
 The House of Representatives needs to certify the vacancy of Dalog's seat before the Comelec can submit a list of expenses for mandatory special elections. 
 The House will "download" to the poll body the required budget for the preparations and conduct of the special elections.
Lampac said the Comelec cannot unilaterally move or act on its own. "Without the declaration of the position as vacant, we are in a wait-and-see situation at this time."
Lampac added the 90-day period from which to conduct the special elections will only be counted once the House certifies that the province’s congressional seat is vacant.
Once a special election is called, the winning candidate will serve the unexpired term but it will be counted as one full term for the elected official.

Members of the House can only serve three consecutive terms.


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