Rogue cops

>> Sunday, July 16, 2017


The number of cops involved in illegal activities is rising and it is no wonder anymore if even those who occupy high positions in the Philippine National Police are involved.  
In latest case, President Rodrigo Duterte’s signature is the only thing needed before the dismissal of three police generals accused of involvement in illegal drug trade.
The National Police Commission has already forwarded to MalacaƱang the result of its investigation on the matter. The three generals include former NCRPO chief Joel Pagdilao, former QCPD chief Edgar Tinio and former Region 11 director Bernardo Diaz.
“I cannot dismiss them, and I cannot be the one to sign the resolution because they are third level officers and their dismissal will be on the appointing authority which is the president. He will be the one to sign that,” PNP director general Ronald dela Rosa said.
Meanwhile, about 100 cops proven involved in various illegal activities might face dismissal, according to the Napolcom.
At present, there are a total of 160 policemen who have been dismissed. Many of them were involved in illegal activities like extortion, illegal drugs, among others.
There are also currently 84 cops who are likely to face dismissal from service. Many of them have tested positive of illegal drugs and were found involved in dropping of illegal drug charges.
The PNP meanwhile denies accusations that it only sacks low ranking policemen. “Ratio and proportion let us be realistic with numbers, who has the most PNCO?” Dela Rosa said. “There are only few officers so in terms of ratio and proportion; there are many PNCO committing violations than officers because they are plenty. Thus, there will be more arrest among the PNCO rank. We are not defending them. We are even happy when officials are being arrested. That can prove that we are sincere in what we are doing.”
The PNP chief said dismissed cops will no longer be reinstated as part of the internal cleansing of the PNP. Some are being sent to Marawi.  


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