Army troops hunt NPAs in Abra village ambush

>> Thursday, August 17, 2017

BOLINEY, Abra -- Government troops are now hunting communist rebels they clashed with early Monday morning in this remote town.
A platoon of the Army’s 24th Infantry Battalion, based in Abra, was on combat security operations when fired upon by around 20 NPA rebels in Barangay Danac East in Boliney town, authorities said.
The rebels are believed to be under the Kilusang Larangang Gerilya North Abra led by a certain “Ka Payas”
The exchange of gunfire lasted for 30 minutes, said Army Capt. Jefferson Somera of the 5th Infantry Division’s Public Affairs Office.
 No government forces were injured or killed in the firefight, but the military said the rebels suffered casualties.
Lt. Col. Dominic Baluga dismissed the NPA's presence in Abra, saying, there are only around 20 rebels in the province. “Wala nang NPA dito sa Abra, armed bandits, extortionists and terrorists na lang andito.”
In the first week of July, soldiers recovered three M16A1 rifles, an M203 grenade launcher and two M14 rifles from communist guerillas in a brief firefight in Boliney.
 Soldiers were on security patrol to verify tips from villagers of roaming rebels when fired upon in remote Barangay Kilong-olao.
Soldiers captured a wounded rebel after the clash in June.
Police also rescued a wounded 17-year-old guerrilla from a village in the same town after the skirmishes.

At least 15 backpacks with personal belongings, rebel documents, two handheld radios, eight cell phones, assorted medical paraphernalia, binoculars and different types of ammunition and magazines for M16 and M14 rifles were also seized from the rebels who fled when outmaneuvered by government forces.


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