Baguio tribal leaders hit NCIP Cordi head

>> Tuesday, August 15, 2017

For not affirming city council rep 

 BAGUIO CITY – Leaders and elders of different tribes in this city slammed Roland Calde, regional director of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples for not issuing certificate of affirmation to Roger D. Sinot, the duly elected indigenous peoples mandatory representative to the city council.    
Sinot was elected for the post November last year, said members of the Metro Baguio Tribal Elders/Leaders Assembly, but until now, Calde has not issued the certificate.
Members said the COA is only ministerial and Calde should issue it as soon as possible so Sinot could seat as IPMR in the city council.
“The seeming inaction and indecisiveness of your office, as perceived by many, despite the ample basis or grounds for decision and action, is a cause of great concern for the MBETELA because the longer action is delayed, the more it is causing divisiveness/disunity among the Ibalois of Baguio City and the indigenous peoples of Baguio in general,” they said in a letter to Calde dated July 27, 2017.
“Another important concern of MBETELA is the issue on the IP's representation to the Sangguniang Panlunsod. The unreasonable, unjustifiable and unexplained delay and inaction of your office is virtually depriving the Baguio IP and indigenous cultural communities of their long awaited representation to the City Council,” the letter added.
“If there are protests, complaints and the likes, cannot these be settled in the proper forum, the IP way or otherwise? Let the duly selected representative be issued certificate of affirmation for him to seat down and perform his functions while attending to those protests or complaints. If later, it would be proven that indeed the allegations against him are enough to disqualify him, then, by all means, remove him from office. However, if on your fair, objective and just assessment, the selection was a mockery of the sort then, act and decide on it accordingly. Sir, please, we plead for your clear decision and action. The Baguio IP's and ICC's deserve to see and hear of your action.”
The letter said, “This is to bring to your attention the urgent plea and concern of the Metro Baguio Tribal Elders/Leaders Assembly in a meeting held last July 22, 2017. Please be informed that we are more than glad with the implementation of the IPMR selection for Baguio City, as reported by one of our members who had been closely monitoring the issue.
“It is already more than eight long and agonizing months since the Ibaloi's selected the IPMR and up to this writing, we have yet to hear or see an action from your end. We are in possession of documents that will greatly help you in arriving at your appropriate action and/or decision; such as:
The detailed report of the NCIP - Baguio Field Office; stating among others that, in the selection of the IPMR, all the procedures and processes enumerated in the guidelines were duly adhered to and thus recommending favorably, the issuance of the Certificate of Affirmation by the Regional Director;
 “The report of the evaluation and assessment team that you yourself organized to assess the issues anent the IPMR selection processes and procedures. Their report, was practically a confirmation of the Baguio Field Office's report that the selection process was adequately followed in strict accordance with the approved guidelines, and hence are recommending for the issuance of the Certificate of Affirmation.”
 The letter said the council of Ibaloi Elders which was composed of five members and chaired by Errol Tagle (one of the protestants against the duly selected IPMR) has signed their demand for the issuance of the certificate of affirmation, after they heard and were satisfied with the explanations of the selected IPMR.
“It is the fervent plea, of the MBETELA that your office issue a Certificate of Affirmation to the duly selected IPMR. There are a lot of IP concerns here in Baguio that need to be brought to the attention and appropriate action of the IPMR.
Your most favorable decision and immediate action is hereby urgently and humbly solicited.”
The letter was signed by MBETELA convenors Evelyn Afidchao Miranda and Gerald Chophopen. Calde has not yet responded to the letter at press time. 


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