Baguio’s 5- star resort is drugs, drunk-free

>> Thursday, August 17, 2017

By Liza T. Agoot

BAGUIO CITY – The city’s only five-star resort supports President Duterte’s anti drug campaign and is serious about implementing the “no drugs policy” at the Baguio Country Club.
Anthony de Leon, BCC general manager, on Thursday said the club applies a strict policy on employees and guests or club members who are engaged in illegal drugs.
“We do un-scheduled random drug tests on employees to make sure that there are no club workers who are using the prohibited substance,” he said.
This is important not only in support to the government’s anti- illegal drugs campaign but also for the safety of all employees especially the guests and club members.“We do not and will not tolerate illegal drug use of all employees,” whether they are regular workers, probationary or on casual status.
BCC is a membership resort club which is accessible only to registered members and only allows non-members inside the facility when accompanied by a member or with the endorsement of a member.
He talked about an incident in the past where a casual employee was found using and pushing illegal drugs after his short employment with the club, which he presumed was already in the activity while working with BCC. “We will ensure that authorities will investigate” the person even if he is no longer with the club.”
He said that when the club got a word about the person’s arrest, they immediately checked the roster and it was a good thing he was no longer connected to the club. “We take this seriously, each employee including the management undergo regular drug testing,” he stressed.
Aside from illegal drugs, he said that reporting for work under the influence of liquor or even smelling liquor is not allowed to all employees. “It is improper to attend to guests and even to deal with co-workers intoxicated and these are club regulations as part of the maintenance of high quality service to all. In the case of a drunk member who becomes rowdy in the club, we also ask that the person leave the premises.”
Andrew Pinero, Corporate Communication and Customer Service manager also said guests and members are likewise governed by the manual of policies and regulations which specifically prohibits the use and bringing in of illegal drugs in the club premises. “If anyone is caught red-handed, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) are brought in the picture for proper disposition of the case.”

 He added that “the rules are very strict for any substance use and brought in the club. For an employee to be found during random drug test of the positive use of illegal substance, it may result to the termination of the employment and their names are forwarded to the law enforcers for proper investigation.”  -- PNA


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