Butcher arrested for threatening Baguio POSD men

>> Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BAGUIO CITY – A butcher was arrested here Monday around 3 p.m. at Block 3, Hilltop for threatening three members of the city’s peace and order safety division.  
Charges for grave threats, alarm and scandal were filed against Edward Villegas Aucena, 30, of Slaughter Compound by the POSD men identified as Adason Ayomen, 34; Eric Togana, 48 and July Esteban, 40. 
Investigation disclosed the complainants were conducting anti-peddling drive along the area when they heard a commotion.
They went to check and saw Aucena holding a bolo. They tried to calm Aucena  but instead, the suspect shouted and taunted them and hacked steel poles and wooden chopping boards of meat sellers.
Togana called for police assistance that resulted in the arrest of the suspect.
The bolo was retrieved by Esteban underneath the table of the suspect and turned it over to police.
The case was referred to prosecutor Emmanuel Awisan, who ordered the detention of the suspect at the Baguio City jail.


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