Health agencies partner to bring DOH30 to Cordillera

>> Saturday, August 12, 2017

BAGUIO CITY –- Strengthening Philippine Health Agenda (PHA) 2016-2022 or the DOH30, health agencies are partnering with local stakeholders to improve the health condition of the Cordillerans and attain the goal of making the region’s residents healthier.
 During recent “Am-among for Health” that went with the theme “Collaboration and Partnership for a Healthy Cordillera”, the Department of Health, City Health Services Office and Philhealth Regional Office came together to synchronize their projects for the implementation of the Philippine health agenda in this mountain region.
                The PHA, a flagship program of the Dept. of Health led by Secretary Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial under President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s administration focused on the “Ubial-Duterte Health Medium Care Plan” which aims to attain health-related sustainable goal that targets financial risk protection, better health outcomes and responsiveness.
These goals focus on ensuring healthy lives and promote the well-being of Filipinos of all ages, as well as the availability and sustainability of the management of water and sanitation.
 Dr. Amelita M. Pangilinan, DOH-Cordillera assistant director, said there are three guarantees under the PHA which health agencies have to fulfill as an obligation to the people.
She mentioned the "3 Guarantees" -- “all life stages and triple burden of disease, service delivery network and universal health insurance.
Pangilinan said topping the three guarantees which lead to the attainment of the country’s health agenda is the all life stages and triple burden of disease which carries the services offered for both the well and the sick.
                Baguio’s city-wide campaign for a smoke-free Baguio in accordance with the implementation of the city ordinance amended Ordinance No. 8 of 2008 also known as the the Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance is an example of the service for both the well and the sick that is being implemented.
 The availability of blood and provision for the blood services including networking to assure an immediate supply of the life-saving commodity is a guarantee under the service delivery network or functional network of health facilities.
The official cited importance of programs and activities to entice blood donors to share their resources to allow a continuous supply of blood. She said these campaigns should be adopted in the region.
Philhealth planning officer Noland Sapino said reaching out to all barangays in the region to look for indigent families in need of services is one of the primary programs being undertaken by their agency to guarantee a universal health insurance. “Those who have less should acquire equal service as those of the rich.”
 He added “PHA sets strategies to reach and attain these goals and collaborates and partners with the city health offices, municipal health offices, hospitals and other health facilities to enable them to deliver services especially to the indigent families.
 The DOH30 mentions 30 commitments of health agencies and practitioners for the attainment of the thrust of the Duterte administration’s health agenda of “all for health towards health for all” or “lahat para sa kalusugan, tungo sa kalusugan para sa lahat.”  -- Kris Chan/PNA


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