NNC urges public: Avoid diseases, have healthy diet

>> Thursday, August 3, 2017

BAGUIO CITY -- The National Nutrition Council in the region urged everyone to focus on healthy diet to control overweight and obesity across all ages in line with this year’s celebration of Nutrition Month.
Regional Nutrition program coordination Rita Papey said there is an increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity not only in the Cordillera region but nationwide.
 The increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases or lifestyle related diseases is one of health concerns primarily related to unhealthy diet, she said.
Nutrition Officer Bella Basalong said an unhealthy diet is composed of foods that are energy-dense yet nutrient poor and are high in saturated fats, trans fats, refined carbohydrates or sodium.
A diet low in fruits and vegetables or fiber is also characteristic of an unhealthy diet.
Unhealthy diet leads to poor nutrition and is one of the major risk factors for a range of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, diabetes and other conditions linked to obesity, she added.
Basalong said in line with this year’s Nutrition Month celebration, NutriWalk is set  on the 4th week of July.
NNC also intends   to conduct a wellness in the workplace workout for selected regional Nutrition Committee members. Local  government units and schools in the region will conduct their own   activities.  
Meanwhile, in schools, Department of Education regional public affairs chief Georaloy  Palao-ay said the DepEd  has issued department order No. 13 series of 2017 policy and guidelines on healthy food and Beverage Choices in schools and DepEd offices.
This policy aims to make available healthier food and beverage choices among the learners and DepEd personnel and their stakeholders; provide guidance in evaluating and categorizing foods and drinks and provide guidance in the selling and marketing of foods and beverages in schools.
 This, as NNC also urged the public to check the National Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF), Pinggang Pinoy and Nutritional Guide Pyramid to get a list of what to eat to become healthy through their website www.nnc.gov.ph.

The 2017 Nutrition Month theme is “Healthy diet, gawing habit - FOR LIFE!” -- PIA-CAR


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