3 bodies with gunshot wounds found in Abra roadside house

>> Thursday, October 12, 2017

PIDIGAN, Abra – Two male students and a farmer were found dead here Tuesday with several gunshot wounds inside a small bungalow beside the farm-to-market road of Barangay Naguirayan.
Police identified the victims as Jomar Porte Cabutaje, 26, married, and Jayveemar Porte Cabutaje, 21, both college students and residents of Barangay Alinaya who had multiple gunshot wounds in their heads.
The third victim was named as Mike Carlos Corbi “Allot” Turqueza,  33, farmer, married, high school undergraduate and resident of Barangay Cosili West who had many gunshot wounds in his body. The three victims were believed to be sleeping when unidentified suspect/s shot them several times that caused their instant death.
Police said they  received a cell phone call that day around 6:30 a.m. from a certain Rebecca Viernes Bandolin, informing them there were cadavers found inside the house.
Police found at the crime scene six fired bullets of Cal. 45, three live bullets, deformed slug, magazine assembly with seven bullets for the same caliber, holster, two cell phones, and  DVD player. Investigation is still going on.


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