Family shot fighting back armed Tabuk holduppers

>> Saturday, October 14, 2017

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – A family was injured when they fought back against three men armed with handguns when the latter announced a hold-up here Tuesday.
Police said the attempted robbery transpired Tuesday around 7 p.m. at grocery store of Dingaosen family in Barangay Dilag.
Police said Venus Dingoasen, 40, her husband Joel, 44 and their son, Jovani, 23 were watching TV while tending their store when the three men entered. One of the men smashed his firearm on the head of Jovani prompting the couple to fight back and while they were grappling, the suspects shot them.
Joel was shot on his abdomen and Venus on her middle. The three had abrasions.
The three suspects immediately boarded to their white color motor cycle and rode away towards Barangay Dagupan.
All three victims were brought at St. Luke Hospital but  referred to Kalinga Provincial Hospital for further medication.

Police found four fired bullets from Cal. 45, Cal.22, magazine for Cal.22 with eight bullets at the crime scene. Police are not hunting the perpetrators.


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